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To the flower boys who posed as thugs – at least you tried.
Next post about these boys ’bout this mag is their INTERVIEWS!)

If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought of Lay as a ballerina!
Erm. Luhan, Do you think this makes you look manly enough?
Sehun, are you eating enough? Let the hyungs pay for the billls!
Chen looking tough and almost badboy. I swear I’ve seen it all!
I think I’m imagining things. Kai with an invisible electric guitar?
D.O, I dream for that too. Maybe in the future. World Peace, Yeah!
Ayo Chanyeol, I haven’t seen Krease around, where is he hiding?
Suho, points – to the Maknae that should take care of himself more!


cr: to the rightful owner

Bad Boys on the block
New but old baozi on pic
He’s getting slimmer! ^^

ceci exoness

Where are the others?

They’re laughing
I dare you caption this.
These trolling derps! :D


Is there an HD one?
I think I want the magazine … :|]

Oh, they’re all here, almost!
Cause, maknae’s missing
Early lunch break, maybe?
Or the one behind the camera? .)



They all look serious here.
It’s like they’re all prof models

Kris, though, looks and acts like a true blue model
(ever since happy camp ramp talent).
Not to mention airport fashion shows
Baekhyun is killing it! Just look at those eyes and lips
(so tiny and so thin).
Chen looks like a different person than his usual
smiley-faced disposition


Black and White images has its charms all right.

Not enough? Don’t fret here’s some more:




– Rue

edited version i guess? it's kinda crooked on the right side

edited version i guess? it’s kinda crooked on the right side

Here’s another proof why fans are genius! or maybe creative is the proper word?


EXO takes 426 days for a comeback =
4 = 4 Chinese in EXO M
2 = 2 Korean in EXO M
6 = 6 member in EXO K & EXO M

426 days (4+2+6=12). EXO debut at 8/4 (8+4=12). Release teaser at 16/5 (1+6+5=12). Their comeback will be on 25/5? (2+5+5=12)

Where do they get these crazy equations? (Credit to: Admin Luhunnie; Brittany)

Aside from those crazy equations, I found a fanmade video (unofficial, in other words) and I thought it’d be worth the post.

On a funny note, some fans seem to find the REAL meanings of Exo-k and Exo-m which are:
exo-Kids.jpg and exo-matureHahaha!
I think this inside joke have been going on for quite a while and I had no idea about it. It turns out that this pic are not the only “proof”. It actually made sense since the members of exo-m are older and with Kris as their leader, there is already a big difference on how they run things around. :D Exo-k are the fun-loving and more cheerful side of the group since most of them are young and considering the Maknae is there, not to mention BaekYeol, no doubt peace and quiet moments are incredibly rare.

Can i pinch these guys? They are so adorable it hurts to look. Whoever judge these bunch of trolls /’flower-boys’ only by their faces do not truly know the derps they are or how crazy they can be.

Behind those pretty faces and sexy stares or smoldering looks they give while looking at the camera, they are pretty much like us. They have secrets they want hidden and soft sides they rarely show or even try not to, though sometimes they let their guards down in front of the fans who support and love them through and through. What a great way to show their appreciation by letting us see the real them and not just a pretty face with memorized lines and script constructed by their company to be a perfect idol.

It seemed like a very long time since I’ve known them but it’s only just a few months, still not a year knowing them, but every time I see their faces online or during performance, it’s like greeting old friends. Old friends who smile at you with affection knowing you will always be there when they need you.




– Rue

Let the beast out!

Let the beast out!


THE FIRST CODE: Lone Wolf 1988

In the movie ‘Lone Wolf’ (1988) written by Brian J. Wright, the plot circled rock band members who performed in various places. On every full-moon night, a mysterious murder occurred. The true murderer was the werewolf

[Favorite Thing] Tao: Car
One scene in Lone Wolf movie, a member of the rock band ran away from the werewolf. However, he tried and wasted his time to unlock his car. Eventually, he was killed.

A heavy metal band was named Wolf 88 Kozak

EXO’s teaser was released on 16/05 If the date was brought back to the year 1988
1+6+5+1+9+8+8 =3+8=11 a missing member from EXO
Since in SM calender, the date 06/06 this year was also highlighted, if the MV was released on that date
The year: 2+0+1+3=6 thus became 666 Satan in which SM was excused for involving in illuminati in other music videos.
Bring 06/06 to 1988
6+6+1+9+8+8=11 a missing member from EXO
In 1988, Michael Jackson performed the song ‘Man in the Mirror’ in Grammy’s Award

THE THIRD CODE: Michael Jackson
[Favorite Thing] Kai: Michael Jackson’s Album
In one of his most famous single: Thriller, Michael Jackson turned into a werewolf in the presence of the full moon while he confessed to a lady.
In Let Out the Beast shooting’s leak, Kai’s neck painted ‘Let Out the Beast’ or release the wild creature out

In Chinese, 88 can be used a slang meaning ‘Bye Bye’
88 means Hail Hitler [HH=88], the Nazi Dictator (The irony if this is true, since there is a video about Hitler’s reaction to exo’s wolf!)
88 also means the two parallel universes that move in different direction. This coincide with EXO concepts of the two worlds.

THE FIFTH CODE: The intentional misspelling of Luhan’s Nickname
Luhan has the nickname of Xiao Lu, 小鹿, or the little deer
However, in the teaser, it was written as ‘Xia Lu’
The word ‘Xia’ as pinyin can mean “吓” meaning frightened/scared and
“瞎” meaning to be blind
If we combined the two characters, Luhan’s nickname means the scared Lu and the blind Lu.
In EXO’s teaser, Luhan’s eyes were closed. He was also the only one wearing white snap-back, where white represents the innocent victim.

[cr: talala]
SOME FANS ARE JUST DAMN GENIUS !  I would have never, in a thousand days been able to put this together. Ever. Maybe just leave it to others! Or maybe some people just think too much. No worries, it’ll all be revealed soon! :D

If up there comes true, there may be some truth to this!

There may just be truth to this you guys! Ha-ha

What if.. What if..
So many thoughts about exo and so many spazzing fans right now, I bet they can’t even sleep (like me) !

The roller-coaster ride of the fan-dom has finally stopped (rest is a good word) and parked (for a while) thanks to the comeback, though leaving the people in it dazed and confused and well … high for more! ha-ha

I don’t really get it how people come up with thoughts like that up there but that is so cool! Given the time, I would really like to do a research too but it just isn’t right for me though, I tend to over think things and such ideas become incredible by the minute especially if there’s no one to rein me in.
But I’ve seen some of the fans’ prediction and suggestions come true even by coincidence (or maybe not coincidence at all). Be it a nickname, a sign or sometimes fan service, these idols sure know how to look /search for what THEY NEED and what WE WANT (just like in Exo’s History, “I need you and You want me”)

Naturally SM would release some of this, so fans come craving for more.
“Unseen” is a very good seduction to reel us in!
CLICK on the pics below to see them better :))

In a few hours it would start! Another teaser era awaits! Only that, this time it would be in a shorter span of time

Would it kill SME to have their comeback earlier! I mean it’s all good and that, but it’s nearly the start of class and I need my time! EXO will be the death of me!




– Rue

exo xoxo album

Hugs and Kisses for the warm welcome!

Goodbye ‘EXO at sm building & EXO leave sm building’ !
Hello ‘EXO arrived at kbs/mbc/mnet/sbs building & EXO leave kbs/mbc/mnet/sbs buidling’! (chinaline)

Apart from the fact that they are really having the comeback, a new definition of RLAB has come to light: ROLL LIKE A BEN BEN!
I never knew that Kris‘ nickname is/was ben-ben! It was somewhat hilarious to me, I dunno why! :D



– Rue

Look at those numbers "88" and the "wolf" - Definitely a HINT!

Look at those numbers “88″ and the “wolf” – Definitely a HINT! Not to mention the heart and circle shaped exo logo (XOXO)


EXO is coming back! You better believe it because it’s really actually confirmed this time around with the release of teaser photos!
They are on their way with their first full length album, ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug)‘!
To cap all that teasing, they released pictures that look very much like the one you’d see in school yearbooks! It’s also said that the 12 members will promote together.

Don't they just look boyishly dashing?

Don’t they just look boyishly dashing?

On another similarly important note, starting on the 17th, individual teasers for Kiss and Hug will be released one by one. (Allkpop)

EXO First Class!

EXO First Class!

Anticipation is already all over the fanbase. I don’t think most of the members of the fandom can get a good night’s sleep tonight. A night before the individual teasers for their full length album, I don’t think anyone would pass out the chance to be the first to get a glimpse of it!

Maybe other people would be confused as to why some of them would go to such lengths and react the way they did, but we just can’t help it! Others might say that we all have to chill cause this is just a comeback, but do they even understand how many times fans have to listen to MAMA! While other groups have their comebacks, exotics waited patiently. Staring at their monitors for news of this very moment — Exo’s comeback!

So all exotics should stop for a second, wipe away their tears, and give themselves a pat on the back because we have waited over a year for the guys that we never gave up on. We never stopped waiting. We made it. and through all the tears and waiting and frustration, we never lost hope. So give yourself a damn pat on the back for being part of this rollercoaster ride of a fandom.” (cr)leggomyexo

With all the concept, the 88 symbols on their shirts where used in morse code and amateur radio users to mean ‘hugs and kisses’ and yet their album is entitled ‘XOXO’ (Kiss & Hug). There’s actually two species of butterflies in the world called ‘eighty-eights’ because of the markings on their wings that looks like the number ‘88’, namely ‘Diaethria’ and ‘Callicore’. Then these 2 butterflies called ‘eighty-eights’ might be representing EXO-K and EXO-M (

Here’s the official teaser images for their album XOXO released by SM

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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You go Tao! I love his pose. (haha) Such an adorable panda


Hello :)
April 8th 2013 is the day that it marks one year since EXO-K in Korea, EXO-M in China debuted simultaneously.

Since December 2011 the first teaser till now

We sincerely thank all the fans for being with with EXO since their first steps
and we request unchanging love and support for the EXO that will be promoting with a cooler side in the future~!

Thank you!

[ Exo's Messages]


The guardian.

Hello this is Suho who guards EXO!!

It has now been one year since EXO has debuted! It feels like our debut stage was yesterday but it has already been a year..
I really want to thank all of you.

Thanks to everyone who supports and loves us
It has been a really precious year.

A year that can either be considered as short or long….
I’d be happy to keep on going as happily as this year
For 10, 100 more years with everyone!

Just as you’re waiting for us anxiously
We also sincerly miss everyone!

Using the loving feelings of our EXO fans,
We are currently preparing for the next album~ So please wait a little!

Not just in Korea, China, but to all the EXO fans all over the world
Thank you again for supporing us for a year.
Please love EXO a lot from now. I love you. Haha


Bacon ~

Hello. This is Baekhyun in charge of the hair.
Thanks for congratulating us on our first anniversary
These days I can’t see the fans much so I have no strength. It’s really sincere.
I miss you a lot and I really want to see you! Really really!
Us, EXO, are preparing very hard for it so! Wait just a bi~~~t more!!
We will come to find everyone with an even cooler image!
I was very happy to meet everyone like this today!!
Next time I’ll practice my typing a lot so I can leave replies with a high speed!!
To all the fans, I love you!!
From now on, continuously…let’s love for a very long time~ us!! (laughs)
WE ARE ONE! Thank you! I love you (Shout with me!)


Dobby? I s that you? =))

Hello!! This is EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!!
We talked a lot with everyone after a long time to celebrate our 1st anniversary!
It’s was really nice to be able to talk and have fun with the fans like this!!
I think I will even be able to practice joyfully for the comeback!!
Thank you very very much to everyone who congratulated us for our 1st anniversary!
I hope the day where we will be able to celebrate, like this, with the 12 members of EXO and the fans not the 1st anniversary but the 10th anniversary and even the 20th anniversary will come..
You will be with us forever right?
Thank you very much again and I love everyone ♥
Until now it was EXO-K’s voice, Chanyeol! WE ARE ONE! Thank you!


Hello. This is EXO-K’s D.O

It has already been one year, the time is going by quite fast right?
From now you’ll stay with us until we get to the 9908123762134th anniversary right?

We are also diligently getting ready for our next album…
There isn’t much time left before our comeback.

Please look forward to it a lot thank you. Heart.


I had an enjoyable chatting session for a short time with you guys today!
I was really glad and happy to be able to feel all our fans’ love.

Next time, in order to chat with more people when I come to the official homepage
I will increase my typing skills to 1100 characters per minute.

Since today is our first anniversary, I watched our debut performance for the first time in a while
Memories started flowing and I smiled without me knowing while thinking of that day
Everyone, how does it feel to rewatch our debut performance?
It really feels new ㅎㅎ

Anyways, the cherrry blossoms and spring have come
And just like spring, we will come to find everyone warmly!
EXO Fighting!




Hello this is EXO’s maknae Sehun!!
Ah firstl, the first anniversary… time goes by very quickly!
Already, already… already one year with everyone has passed.
Thank you very, very much~ and I love you guys!
Our comeback… yes… we will have a comeback!!
Because we are really, really preparing a lot
The time that you have been waiting for us will not be wasted.
Thank you very much for always loving us, EXO, a lot!
But please love us more… (am I being too greedy…) keu keu maybe I’m being too greedy.
Please love us a lot more more more more more more more
And everyone!! I’ll tell you guys some good news.
Wah~ this is really daebak… ah… should I just not tell you guys…
Ah… what to do… should I tell you guys? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I’ll tell you guys.
If I just say 412, you guys know what that is right?
If you don’t know… heum… I will believe that you guys all know…
There are plans for my birthday party! Isn’t that nice? Uwah~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I like it too. It would be nice if many of you came and had a fun birthday party with me~~
Lastly!! I’m happy that it’s our first anniversary.
I’m always really thankful to you fans and please love EXO~~
I really love you EXO fans~
About the location of my birthday party, Seoul, Apgujeong, XXX house number… keu keu~
You guys will see at that time~


Duizhang! You’re looking really good.

Hello everyone, I am EXO-M’s leader Kris.
To put it simply, thank you for the support you guys have given us for the past year.
You guys let me understand that no matter how difficult it is,
It’s all worth it, it’s meaningful. In the future we’ll continue to work hard.
It’s still that same phrase, I hope that no matter what happens in the future, no matter how long it takes,
I hope that we can still bring happiness and joy to you.
Happy one year anniversary to all EXO members.
Thank you for fighting alongside me.
Thank you to every single person who has supported us, I love you~ history will go on.



Hello everyone, I am Lu Han~
Hello it’s deer Luhan
Long time no see, I’ve really missed you all!
Today is EXO’s first anniversary from debut, I’m really thankful for the support that everyone has given us in this year!
From today on, we will also work even harder, to show everyone the best side of us!~
We’re going to have a COMEBACK very soon! So everyone don’t worry~ he he
We’ll definitely give everyone a nice surprise!~
Recently, the weather’s been a bit cold, we have to wear more clothes, don’t catch a cold.
We will also take care of ourselves properly, don’t worry~
Alright, even though it’s a shame, I have to go, see you next time~
I love you guys!!!
Be careful of the cold~^^ kekeke


Baozi, are you shipping Xiuchen? haha, Nah.. Kiding!

Hello~ this is EXO-M’s XIUMIN!

Today… is our EXO’s anniversary!
Thank you for congratulating us like thisㅜㅜ
Is… it okay if we accept this much love?
Seriously, every time! I always get really touched because of all our fans~~

Since I will appear in front of you guys as an even cooler XIUMIN, please wait for me!! Okay?
Let’s wait a little bit more!
Until you can’t handle the longing anymore! Okay?
Even though it’s only for a short time, I’m happy I got to talk to you~~ I’m moved once again ^^

So now everyone! Bye~~~~~


I had a hard time figuring out who is this until I saw the caption

Hello. This is Lay. ^^
Today is our first anniversary, being able to reply to fans’ messages, but it doesn’t seem like much~ TT
I still want to leave even more messages… We’ll chat next time~
Thank you for the care you’ve given me this year, I’ve always been working hard to present an even more perfect me for you all to see.
I really want to sing a song I’ve composed myself to all of you, to dance a dance I’ve made up myself, to play the piano for you, to play the guitar for you.
I hope that there will be an opportunity to show all of you the me with different sides.
Today, I’m not feeling very well, you guys definitely cannot catch a cold okay, take care of your health.
Health is the fundamentality of our bodies.
Thank you everyone, my heroes.



Hello. I’m EXO-M’s Kungfu Panda Tao
In order for everyone to see this easily, I especially wrote it in Chinese and Korean myself~ he-he

It’s already been one year, time really does pass so quickly.
Does everyone miss us a lot? Just wait a little little bit more and we’ll see each other very soon

When we see everyone in the future, shall I act a little cute everyday for everyone to see? When you guys want to see it.
I love you~ I love you guys. I love YOU sososososo much


Hello EXO-M Chen here!
Wah it really has been a long time
To be able to spend some pleasant time with the fans like this makes me feel good^^
I feel sad that I can’t give more wittiful answers even though I wanted to ㅠㅠ
During the next surprise visit I’ll make sure to leave a pleasant and fun message for everyone!!
It’s EXO’s first anniversary since debut!!! To the fans who keeps on giving us your unconditional love thank you!
I love you! In joy and in sorrow I will always remember the times spent with everyone. You will always be with me right?
Thank you to all the fans! And I love you!!! >_<

source: EXO-K Official WebsiteEXO-M’s Official Website
trans cr; saphira, Emilie, zesha, angel, nahbit @ exok-trans
trans cr; xuan@exom-trans


– Rue

exo 12


It is a long post, but do read it. Spent a long time (nearly two hours) translating, and this shows how much read-worthy the message it.

2012 7th Jan.

To many, it is just a normal day.
But it is the most precious moment in my entire life.
Ever since I first saw you, the love I have for you only increases each day.
Now that I’m thinking about it, it seemed that, even the cold wind brings warm smiles, in that winter. Sorry, but I wasn’t that deep in love yet.
I started off by liking Luhan only, with only him in my eyes.
Forgive me; it was difficult to differentiate you guys.
I was only anticipating the debut because I admire your music.
Three months, I waited quietly for three months.
Finally, debut.

MAMA was so astonishing.

I swear, before meeting you all, I was the strongest girl in the world.
But whenever I heard that you guys were injured, I realized I wasn’t that strong after all.
I have already forgotten how many times I’ve cried for you.
Just a small heart-warming thing would make me cry for a long time.
Maybe it is impossible to let you all know
How much I love the way you put your heart into your singing,
How much I love the determined look on your faces while dancing
How much my heart pained when seeing you all hurt, saddened and all alone.
I used to think that giving must have meaningful returns.
But now, not knowing me is okay as well. Just let me stay by your side. It is enough.

“We are One!”

When you all say this slogan in unison,
It seems like you all are pleading, “We are one, don’t separate us, okay?”

“To me, instead of competitors, I would like Shinhwa to be my role model; I want EXO to be a long lasting group doing activities together, because a lot of stories will happen between us.” – SEHUN

So you guys do know about SM’s practice of getting in new blood.
So you guys do worry about enlistment.
So you guys do fear that someone may leave the group halfway.
But no one can predict the future.
Maybe someone will enter, someone will leave.
SM, since you gave them this slogan, let them achieve it, okay?
We have witnessed it, no? Their brotherhood.

“When I first arrived in Korea, my Korean isn’t very good, I couldn’t get used to Korean food. Leader taught me how to speak, how to eat. To me, duizhang’s existence is that of a father’s.”
“The previous time I appeared on the show, I didn’t tear because of my grandma, or that I missed my family, but because the twelve of us were together.”
“Duizhang taught me a lot.. To know such a good brother, I think that I’m really blessed. And the other four standing behind me now, are all people I can’t live without in my life.”-TAO

“The practice room feels empty, it used to be very noisy when we were practising together.. I miss them a lot.” -SUHO

“Lay always practice dance till midnight, so everytime I dance I think of Lay hyung.”-KAI

“The first time we met, I thought he was quiet, after getting closer he was a cheery kid. A cute brother, I have the urge to take care of him.”
“Tell me if you have any problems, hyung will take care of it for you.” -LUHAN

“He likes me the most, just give me to him.”-CHANYEOL


lay sd


Every time you guys separate, you guys miss each other a lot right? It was tough missing each other right? Like what I said, “Missing is incorporated into breathing.” Right?
One person told me. Lay injured his knees before. I suddenly thought of Phoenix, the teaser. The ending move was to jump high up and land on the knee.
Dear Yixing, how painful it must have been?
I’m not talking about your knee.
I’m saying, your heart, how painful it must have been?
To walk till this day isn’t easy.
You guys suffered a lot more hardships that we fans don’t know of.
How many times we couldn’t help you take the blame,
How many times we couldn’t share the burden with you.




“I miss my grandma.”

“I like the dishes that my grandma cooks.”

“For this dream, I’ve given up on many things, I think this is the only thing that really, really, worth to be happy about. The most blissful thing.” -Tao

The days you could spend with your grandma aren’t a lot to begin with, she will leave you one day.
I don’t even dare to imagine, the you who loves to cry a lot, how will you react that moment she leaves you.
You have chosen to give up the precious moments; you have chosen your dreams, chosen to live everyday missing someone.
If that moment comes.
I’m saying if, that moment eventually arrives,
Will you ever, regret the decision you have made?
So, Huang Zi Tao’s grandma,
you will wait for him right?
Till he grows up, matures, and has the ability to take care of you,
till he returns to you as an achiever, to your side,
Wait for him to cook for you as well.
Dear, you have realized your dreams.
Are you happy?


luhan qnk

Lu Han

Originally, you guys have become bright stars.
But facing all the endless hates, antis, and judgement from the rest of the world,
I’m only worried that you all are sad.
But dearests, your performance makes people teary.
“Living on looks”, “Underhand means”, “Plastics”, “No talent”?? When these uncomfortable words were used on you.

Luhan,  you actually sincerely said
“Thank you all for giving us so much support, so much drive, and thank you I love you!”
“Take care, eat more.”
“Those with dreams don’t give up. Just persevere and you will succeed.”

Words that cannot be any simpler ended up etched in my heart.
In LA, you and Xiumin helped cordi noona carried her bags.
At the showcase, you helped the crew carry chairs, and ended up being the last one on stage.
Luhan, you are so nice.
So nice that I can’t look into your eyes, because if I do so, I will even forget who I am.
Many people think that, being casted while shopping is such a lucky thing.
But casted doesn’t mean promise.
It’s only casted.
How much determination do you need to sacrifice everything, and leave to Korea alone, chasing your dreams.
Betting on your faith, gambling with your everything.
You waited for so long, till you forget the meaning of the wait.
So far away in a foreign land, just how much you must have missed the moonlight in your hometown.
Showcase, the family members of your teammates went to support them.
You are alone in the midst of the crowd searching.
No, no, still no….
No matter how much you tried to search for them.

You looked down on the floor, not letting anyone see the disappointment in your eyes.

You still couldn’t understand, why?
Such an important stage, how could they not come.
Even not long ago, when you returned to Beijing, buying shoes, shopping and all, it was only you alone.
Did you hide the truth from us?
But you said it before:

“The toughest time is missing home.”
“When I miss home… I can only miss it.”

At that moment, I really wanted to ask, “Treat us as one of your family members, okay?”
I remember you were coughing during one period.
But you idiot, still apologizing whenever you cough while filming.
Your throat was hurting, but you still shouted to your fans, “Be careful of your safety!”
Someone said, “Every time I see Luhan, he is smiling.”
Yeah, smiling so adorably, as if you don’t know what is pain.
Luhan, have I said this before?
I need to see your smile to let my heart continue beating.
Luhan, I love you, more absolute than anything.
I haven’t loved enough.
Even if the seas dry up, Luhan, I will still say, Sorry, I haven’t loved you enough.
Luhan, I can give everything up. Everything except you.


kri f7


When people criticize that you are arrogant, bitch face.
Wu fan, you still blinked and smiled to the camera “Must miss me okay, be obedient!”
You left a message, saying “I like you, every single one of you”
Even when you were being scratched by fans in the airport, you still smile and say “Never mind.”
Maybe you guys have seen a video on Kris.

“Yeah, the most you do is to raise your right hand.”
“You wanted to blend in, but the next second you gave up.”

These words, I never wanted to read them twice.
April, on the way back in the airport, you shielded Tao behind your back, you knew he had waist injuries, you told everyone “Don’t squeeze.” Tao was just holding on to your back, looking so secured.




When asked to perform Wushu, fans shouted “He’s got waist injuries!” Huang Zi Tao, you tried hard to explain, “No, I’ve recovered already. I can perform. Really. Really, it’s no longer painful.”
But backstage, no matter how you tried hiding, someone still spotted duizhang applying medicine for you.
You said, “Painful.” You said, “Duizhang, apply it with lesser force.”
Someone who has trained wushu since young saying its painful, someone who has grown up falling and tumbling saying that it’s painful.
You said pain.
Huang Zitao, you lied to us.


xiumin 2


Shindong asked EXO-M who their role models are. Xiumin replied EXO-K, our other half. EXO-K.
In the China programme, the host asked if Xiumin likes China.
You happily replied in Chinese, I like China!
Xiumin, is Chinese food nice?
You replied Haochi!
At the last part of Into Your world, when everyone takes a step forward, you remain standing at the back.
Yeah, with a total of only 6 lines in the whole album, you could only scream, even though it’s hurting your throat.
Being in a foreign country, it was rare to see fans with your hand banners, it was rare to hear people shouting your name.
But in Sunshine Day, you had an expression full of satisfaction, telling us, Everyone is my lover!
Kim Minseok, just how many sides of you have I not seen?


otp kailu d

Kai .. Lu

Kai’s body isn’t very good, not just the waist injury.”
“Kai might need to go for an operation.”
Kim Jong In, how old are you, to have an injury that requires you to go for op.
With medicinal patches on your back, you continued performing on stage. I was saying, why you didn’t lift up your shirt that day, it was actually to not let us see your injuries.
At first he didn’t quite liked the “Sexy” image the company gave him. But he said, “It is okay if it is for the fans.”
Kim Jongin, stop doing it for us. Think about yourself, okay?
We don’t need to see you baring your shoulders, just seeing your shy smiles make us happy.
Those unbearable pains, how did you tolerate them? Being the same age as you, I really couldn’t imagine.
Are these reasons, enough for me to admire him?



Kris Wu

On the plane, Luhan mischievously said, “What if I’m gonna vomit?” And then you went around searching for a vomiting bag for him. And when he blows the bag into your face, you could only look at him helplessly.
Your mum came to see you, you went shopping with her. You were protecting your mother so naturally.
But what about yourself?
Who is going to protect you? Who is going to take care of you?
Maybe not much people understand what it is like to not have father’s love.
But I do.
It is scary when you are alone; because there are no steady shoulders from your dad to lean on.
You don’t dare to make a single mistake, because that would only let your mother bear the consequences for you on her weak shoulders.
You are sentimental, keep thinking about the past; because of your sensitivity you are weak.
Pretending to be strong; because you are afraid that others find out that you are different from them.
Very obedient; because you know how tough it is for your mother to be alone.
Maturing faster than those your age; because “I want to protect my mother.”

31st August, the Chinese members went back to spend time with their families.
Though you say “Having my mother is already very blissful.” But we don’t know how much you thirst for a father to give you strength.
You keep wanting to improve, to better yourself.
But actually, Wufan, you are already an achiever.
Three languages plus Cantonese, not everyone can do that by the age of 22.
Kris can you stop torturing yourself?
Let yourself off, won’t you?
It is okay to have ear holes, bitch-face and even tattoo. Really, as long as you are happy.
As long as it is you, just you.
Then we will never leave.


sehun ie


When people said you don’t know how to manage your expression, disobedient.
Oh Sehun, you just reply “I need to repay my fans”
They didn’t see how obedient you were while helping your hyungs pack their clothes.
They didn’t know how long you have to practice a bbuing-bbuing in front of the mirror.
They didn’t know how nervous you were when you were practicing the collaboration stage with SHINee.
They didn’t know how just a wrong dance move will make you hang your head low, and you only lift up your head after hyungs cheering you up for a
long time.
They didn’t know the first reaction from you after opening a packet of snack is to give to the hyungs.
It is okay, Oh Sehun, you are the world’s most understanding maknae. It is enough that we know.




People say that you are scheming, saying that you are selling your aegyos.
Park Chanyeol, instead you say “I have to present a more perfect performance to my fans!”
When you just finished Lasik operation on your eyes, you went personally to fix the lights. If this was scheming…
Keep taking care of Bacon, waiting for this guy who is afraid of the heat to fall asleep first before sleeping on the sofa yourself. If this was scheming…
Seeing a tidbit with your face on the packaging and immediately brighten up. If this was scheming…
Retorting the manager’s instructions saying that he couldn’t help laughing. If this was scheming…
…Then everyone in this world is already a strategist.
Actually, I’m kind of happy that you all meet such antis, with only verbal attacks.
If you guys were to meet the extreme antis, will you all be guarded against us?
Or still telling us to take care?
Still believing that we will support you?
But, dear, what have we done, to receive so much warmth from you all?


do n1


It is already midnight, but D.O still came out of the building to tell the fans, “Go home and sleep early, girls need sleep.”

What a mom.

Hates to see stuff strewn over, but seeing how the members are tired, you quietly kept everything away by yourself.
If anyone is sick, you immediately reach out for the medicine, when Kai wasn’t feeling well and was running a fever you guarded him by his side,
sacrificing your sleep.
Even when maknae is feeling hungry late in the night you don’t complain but ask “What do you want to eat?”
As if treating people well, being like a mum is the most natural thing to do.
Just how much love you guys have given us.
Some words I’m willing to repeat, write, feel and sing.
Slowly, they become normal.
But no matter how normal they become, they are still the most precious words.
Like, EXO I love you.

I am someone who can’t get over things.
So don’t give me too many memories.
I’m afraid that one day, on a long ride on the bus alone, no matter what I see, I’ll be reminded of you.
And then maybe cry, or laugh.
Is it that by looking far away, the tears in my eyes won’t fall?
Apparently not, no?
“It’s okay, I can continue.”
“Because I am Light, so it’s okay.”
“Sorry, I hindered the filming again.”
“It’s not painful, really.”




Let’s have a promise, stop lying to us.
I want you all to be safe and happy.
No need to be strong because of us. No need to lie.

I’m particularly upset about this statement.

“That EXO, that lousy leader, I heard he trained for 7 years to debut. No talent and still not putting in effort, he deserved that 7 years. Rich but can’t even buy a debut. Pathetic.”

I replied, “Do you know the meaning of Suho (protect)?”

Seven years, how many seven years can one have in his lifetime?
14 years old. At the second seventh year in his life, he entered the company.
With his dream. Alone.
He had an injured knee. At that time, no one was beside him.
When it hurts, he could only apply the medicine on his own.
With no one caring about him.
He was alone.
At the age of fourteen, only him.
After that, he reaches the third seventh year in his life.
He wasn’t not talented, he was waiting.
Waiting for the other eleven brothers that he needs to protect.

“Hi, I am Suho (protect/guardian), your suho.”

Kim Junmyeon. Winter is coming, please remember to wear your knee guard and place your blankets.
Stop wearing insoles; it’s not good for your knees.
Kim Junmyeon, at the next seventh year, the next one, we won’t let you to be alone anymore.
We won’t be absent in all the future seventh years.
Kim Junmyeon, the next seven years, it is our turn. To protect you.


baekhyun d


“Basically I didn’t think that it was tough. Because it is a dream that I have held on since young, so even though it may be tiring, but it is still interesting. Because it is what I really want to do. Between the members, we are so close that even if anything happens, we will accept it happily.” -BAEKHYUN

Before SM casted you, not a single company accepted you.
How disappointed you must have been?
Was it then that made you want to grow taller now?
Baekhyun, do you know how much we love you?
Not because of any other things, but because you are called Byun Baekhyun.
So stop applying eyeliners.
I will always, always, always love you all.

Exo Loves You Too!

Exo Loves You Too!

If you were to ask, “Love me the next lifetime too, okay?”

Dear, can I reply, “You’ve asked me that the previous lifetime already.”

If there is really a next lifetime, stop being my star.
It is okay if you are not exceptional, not shining, not an achiever.
Just a normal guy who isn’t strong, and needs protection.
And I will be able to get closer to you.
In the next lifetime, I’ll still be loving you.
But instead, let me be the one giving you courage.


Trans: exonyeoshidae zachela
PS: There is a missing part in weibo … about Jongdae

Credits: exoisabottom_tumblr/zachela_wordpress & the original owner of this in Weibo.





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