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xiumin1456803_393768297393281_2074622284_n (1)Q: What kind of guys do you think are most charming? What kind of girls do you think are most attractive?
Xiumin: No matter guy or girl, I respect the outstanding charms on the outside~ It’s just who are able to attract others more, that’s all.

Q: Among the members, is there any of them that’s album image you are envy of?
Xiumin: Before being envious of the other members, I’m already busy taking care of my own character to portray. In my own opinion, all the images of each 12 members in the album suit each and every one of us well, so they’re all very satisfying.

Q: The members call you baozi (bun), please do describe them with food then
Xiumin: KRIS – pork leg; LUHAN – tofu; LAY – carbonara; CHEN – americano; TAO – fried chicken

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: What everyone asks for is different. I don’t think charisma can me “made” but it’s something natural. So I think that if there’s something that you want to do, do it! That’s the best way.
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: Just as each day is different, our topics are also different. Aside from our schedule, everything else just flows with our feelings, the conversations are always different
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most want to realize?
A: If it were possible, I want to try making coffee credentials~
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A: Depending on where I choose to go, the member that I choose to go with will also be different. First of all, the first place that I thought of as well as the place that I want to go to the most is England, I want to go with Lu Han. The reason is simple, we want to personally see a football match with our own two eyes~~
Q: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
A: This question is quite had to answer. We’re not talking about women, but about men, so I’ve never really thought about it, it’s quite awkward!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A: Hello everyone! I am EXO’s Xiumin! This year, because of the support and love from the fans, we, EXO, have had a lot of joyful occasions. Even though work has gotten even more busy, because of this we are able to spend each day even happier. I don’t know whether it’s possible for us to be so lucky and so happy. Every single day and every single hour, we are doing our utmost best to make everyone proud! I hope that everyone will continue to care for us and support us in the same way as it is now! I’ve incredibly thankful to you all and I really love you all so much~!

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do1383920_393851664051611_1800390020_nQ: Firstly I’d like to start an interesting topic. Can you tell us a little secret of yourself?
D.O.: I have a lot of moles on my body

Q: During your normal practices, have you met any situations and people that are memorable to you?
D.O.: It’s the most memorable when I practice with the members! Every day we’re together doing our best in training~ So every day, every hour, every minute and every second is most cherished. Also the most memorable people are the members, and the teachers that are working hard for us.

Q: It’s ‘rumoured’ from everyone that you are good in cooking. Are you really good then? And if given for you to learn to make a Chinese dish, which would you like?
D.O.: I’m not really good in cooking. If able to learn to make a Chinese dish, I’d like to learn steamboat! I’d wish to make the world’s most delicious sesame paste (filling for the steamboat stew)!

Q: All of us are naturally influenced by our parents, what has your father influenced you most in?
D.O.: My dad works in the art industry, so I guess I’ve inherited his artistic blood.

Q: Which is your favourite city in China? If I were to treat you, where do you want to go?
D.O.: I really like China, there are a lot of places that I have not been to so there are a lot of places I wish to visit

Q: If letting you to choose to become an EXO member’s manager or assistant, who would you pick? Why?
D.O.: I’d pick myself because I understand myself the best

Q: Among the members, who do you think is a genius? No matter in learning whichever.
D.O.: I don’t know. But I think all of us have our own capabilities.

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: It should be a man with manners!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: About public activities and stuff in the entertainment circle!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most want to realise?
A: I hope that we will win an award this year~!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A: To New York with Suho~
Q: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
A: I don’t like men, so I don’t know~
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A: Hello everyone, I am EXO’s D.O. EXO and I will continue to do our best~ Thank you everyone!

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suho1458497_393851657384945_1809680347_nQ: Talking about your group members, if he was not an artiste, what occupation would be most suitable for him?
SUHO: TAO! If he wasn’t an artiste, maybe he can use his martial arts skills to conquer not only China but the whole world~ AB STYLE Kungfu TAO ^^

Q: Your Mandarin is not bad. Who do you learn it from?
SUHO: When I was a trainee, I went to China with SHINee’s Minho for a month to learn Mandarin. Of course, the Chinese members are helping me learn Mandarin right now!

Q: Do you think you are a “perfect guy”?
SUHO: Not perfect! But I am working hard to become a perfect guy!

Q: In the team, which two members cannot be put together, or there would be havoc?
SUHO: CHANYEOL and BAEKHYUN, and SEHUN and TAO. If the two of them are together, it’s noisy!

Q: When you are upset, whom would you spill your troubles to? When you are happy, whom do you wish this happiness with?
SUHO: Depends on what am I upset about, and I’ll talk to different people about it. Usually, I talk to the members when I’m upset. Also, when I am happy, I’ll share it with the members~ Happiness can be multiplied by 11 times, and sadness divided by 11 times, because We Are One !!!

Q: What was the most unforgettable incident after coming to SME?
SUHO: The first fan-meeting since our debut! I really can’t forget that stage~!

Q: Before knowing the person and after being friends with him, which member was the most different?
SUHO: D.O.! Meeting D.O. for the first time, he didn’t talk much. But as we knew each other better, I feel that he’s interesting and very mature~

Q: After since EXO was formed, what was the most unforgettable thing that a member has done?
SUHO: Our youngest member, SEHUN, treating us to steak. This incident left a very deep impression~ And when TAO and I represented EXO for the high jump event during <Idols Sports Championship> , we jumped really fantastically ! So this incident was also very memorable.

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: A guy who is honest and not fake!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: Topics regarding how EXO cooperates as a team, from the performances on stage to the speech and habits in daily life etc, we talk about it all!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realize?
A: At the end of the year, we hope to be able to win big awards, and also to be able to have our solo concert next year -these are my wishes!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A: Before our debut, I already agreed with D.O. that if we were to have a break, we would go to New York for a holiday!
Q: What type of men do find easiest to admire?
A: Gentlemanly, guys who carry themselves in a dignified manner, a guy who takes good care of his family!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A: I love you all~ Please show love to Men’s Style and EXO!

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chanyeol1424510_393851737384937_1009369074_nQ: After debuting for over a year, you guys give us the impression that every member is growing and improving. So then, what do you think is the biggest change about yourself?
CHANYEOL: On TV shows or on radio broadcasts, I can perform more naturally now as compared to before~ Actually, when we just debut, I didn’t really know what to do, hence I had a lot of ideas in my head, but I couldn’t showcase them. But now it’s really better! ^^

Q: As a man, there is a time when everyone would feel angry. So then, is there a time where you are angry or throw a tantrum? When are you angry? How do you release your stress and pent-up emotions?
CHANYEOL: I am not someone who gets angry or throw a tantrum easily. But if I lost something, I’ll be angry. But when I find that item, I’ll be appeased easily, and my feeling would be good~ Hahaha~

Q: If it’s possible, which member do you choose to be reborn as? Why?
CHANYEOL: KAI ! Because KAI is the god of dancing!

Q: If there’s a chance to film movies in the future, what kind of character do you wish to challenge?
CHANYEOL: I would like to challenge the role of a well-rounded student who is good at student, sports and playing~!

Q: If you can be an invisible man for a day, what would you do?
CHANYEOL: I wish to play at the amusement park to my heart’s content~~!

Q: Other than your current job, what else would you like to try?
CHANYEOL: Being filial, composing, band, computer engineer, archaeologist, astronomer~

Q: Recommend us something that you think is the most fun to do in Korea, or the most recommendable place?
CHANYEOL: Seoul’s Yeonsinnae and Hongdae !

Speed Questions

Q. What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A. A man who possesses manliness yet does not lack in kindness.
Q. When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A. Games and music!
Q. In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realise?
A. To be able to place one of my original compositions in one of EXO’s albums~
Q. When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A. To go to uninhabited islands with Kai!
Q. What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
A. A manly one, with talent
Q. Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A. Thank you everyone for liking and supporting Growl, I hope that everyone will continue to support and love us just as before~ Everyone, please stay with us for a lifetime~ I love you all~!

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sehun1426262_393851724051605_543009406_nQ: Because you are the youngest, so you are often looked after. What was the most touching incident and the most unforgettable incident?
SEHUN: I am touched over the smallest things. For example, when I was injured, the members came over and applied medication etc. I am easily touched by such small incidents

Q: What are your hobbies? What do you do at home that would surprise people?
SEHUN: I like to watch dance videos~ and will learn about fashion design~

Q: In some interview, you mentioned that you are the most handsome after coming out from the shower. Why?
SEHUN: Because I’m really handsome? Haha~ If there is a chance, I’ll take a pictures and show it to you guys~!

Q: Among the members, pick someone whom you think is the most perfect older brother? As the youngest member, which brother likes to look after you?
SEHUN: No matter what, the most perfect brother in my heart is leader SUHO~

Q: If you are the oldest one in the group, who would you want to look after the most?
SEHUN: I want to look after every member, because they are very kind-hearted, and innocent~ So I still have to look after them~

Q: Your face is so slim and you are tall. It looks nice when you are on air, and of course in reality, you are very handsome as well. Since you are so perfect, what troubles do you have?
SEHUN: It’s difficult to say it out~ Because there are too many things to worry about. I am in the midst of working hard at making every single thing perfect~

Q: Among the members, is there a member who will want you to say “sorry” to him?
SEHUN: TAO?~~ Hahaha

Q: If there is a chance to fulfill one of your wishes now, what object given to you would make you the happiest?
SEHUN: Solving all my troubles! But I can’t say out my troubles. Please understand~! And one more thing is that our EXO members can be happy every single day

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
SEHUN: Showing your real self? But sometimes, the things that belong in your heart, things that ought to be hidden, should be hidden. It’s still better to hide the things inside of you!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
SEHUN: Usually it’s about our promotion activities!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realize?
SEHUN: I really wish to be able to hold EXO’s concert as soon as possible~ I want to be in a place and time where only EXO’s fans and the EXO members are and go crazy playing~!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
SEHUN: I’ve long agreed to go with LUHAN-ge to China and play~ He said that he will let me have fun playing~ So I’m now waiting~ Ke ke!
Q: What type of men do you find it easiest to admire?
SEHUN: There’s nothing definite, from appearance, their head to the tips of their toes, I respect everybody’s way of living!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
SEHUN: I want to simply say one line! Everyone, please go with us till the end!

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chen1453333_393851744051603_1610462004_nQ: What exercise do the EXO members like? What is your favourite exercise?
CHEN: Every member’s favourite exercise is different, they like to play basketball, play soccer, cycle etc. My favorite exercise is cycling~

Q: They say that you are the Korean member with the best Chinese? Do you have any tricks to learning Chinese? What is the funniest thing that has occurred while you were learning Chinese?
CHEN: I don’t know if I’m the best at Chinese (reporter: It really has the feel of China ^^), but to be honest, I always put in my best effort practicing to pronounce words the way the Chinese members do, if I get the pronunciation or tones wrong, it becomes something with a different meaning, so I am very careful when I speak in Chinese. So, I am particularly concerned with the pronunciation.

Q: Which Chinese lyrics of a song in the album left the deepest impression on you?
CHEN: In ‘LUCKY’: You are my first love! (t/n: or literally, you are my first time at love)

Q: What is your clothing style? How do you think a guy should dress in order to be the most fashionable?
CHEN: Street fashion! It’s the kind of style that you would easily see on the streets.

Q: What is your favourite Chinese food?
CHEN: Lamb skewers!

Q: Have you seen the families of the Chinese members? Can you comment on the Chinese members?
CHEN: I have seen them. I always feel that they are really like my own parents.

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
CHEN: A guy who is gentle on the outside but strong on the inside!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
CHEN: To be honest, we usually talk about singing, we also talk about all the other random things!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realise?
CHEN: There is none, because if a dream is fulfiled in the short term, then there isn’t much meaning!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
CHEN: 12 members altogether!
Q: What type of men do you find it easiest to admire?
CHEN: To be honest, I too am a man, I feel that the males that are charismatic are those that are tall, broad shoulders, sturdy, and those with a good personality who always treat people with a smile on their face!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
CHEN: Hello everyone! I am EXO-M’s CHEN! Hope that everyone will like us being able to show you the different sides of us from the stage through this magazine! Dear fans, we are really thankful to you all for being concerned, supporting and loving us all this while! I love you all~^^

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baekhyun1457478_393768290726615_973428184_nQ: We know you want to be an all-rounded artist, in this situation now, which do you think you’re best in and which do you think you need more hard work?
Baekhyun: I’m best at singing, but as for acting and variety side, there’s still a lot to learn, to accumulate the experiences~

Q: When joining EXO, we’ve heard that you’re interactive with Tao more. But Tao’s Korean isn’t good and you’re not good in Chinese, how did the two of you communicate?
Baekhyun: There’s a saying called — Body language is the best! It really is true! ^^ right? Using hand and legs, also my expression to express my thoughts!

Q: If there’s a chance to film a movie in the future, what kind of character would you wish to try?
Baekhyun: I’d like to try out a mischievous character~

Q: Because it’s 12 guys staying together, do you sometimes think it’s something shy?
Baekhyun: Not at all!

Q: What’s the greatest hope your family has towards you? What do you wish to become of yourself in the future?
Baekhyun: I want to become an all-rounded artist, a healthy me that my family cares of.

Q: When you face difficulties and hardships, what do you usually do?
Baekhyun: I usually spill my worries to manager hyungs and the noonas’ of the company’s training department. I discuss with them…

Q: Who is the person and what thing that you cherish most?
Baekhyun: I cherish my family, I cherish my job. I’m continuously working hard for my future!

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
BAEKHYUN: If someone has both humanity and humour, I think he is charismatic! Also someone who is able to be all-rounded like a fairy pitta!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
BAEKHYUN: Usually we talk about topics related to games, when we’re holding a family meeting we talk about the areas on stage and in our daily lives that we’ve each done well in and areas that need to be improved~
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realize?
BAEKHYUN: I hope that at the year-end awards we will be able to win big and good awards! (reporter’s comment: It’ll definitely be the biggest award!)
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
BAEKHYUN: Go to America with CHEN and learn a bit of singing and dancing!
Q: What type of men do you find it easiest to admire?
BAEKHYUN: A man with humor, talent and has manners~
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
BAEKHYUN: Everyone, please love Men’s Style, and hope that you will all be able to love EXO even more!!

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kai1395303_393851650718279_647602069_nQ: We know that you’re all very busy now, what will you do during free time? What sites do you go to?
Kai: During leisure time, I’d usually dance or listen to music, ride the bicycle or read~ When online I’d read the news through NAVER, go on YOUTUBE~

Q: Kai what sports are you best in? What kind of sports would you like to try out?
Kai: To be honest I’m not talented in sports but I really like to play football so if there’s a chance I’d wish to go to Chelsea FC’s competition stadium, Stamford bridge, and have Fernando Torres teach me to play ball~

Q: What kind of snacks do you like to eat most? Recently have you treat anyone to eat?
Kai: Fried chicken! Every time having fried chicken, I’m the only one calling for take-outs.

Q: If one day if you became the eldest in EXO, what will you make the ‘little brothers’ do?
Kai: I won’t make them do anything much, I want them to understand each other, love each other~ Actually our leader has done it really well already

Q: Among the members, who do you think show the strongest performance?
Kai: I think every member have their own thoughts and style that they follow which shows off a great performance

Q: Whose song do you like to listen to?
Kai: The Weekend, ASAP Rocky, Maxwell

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: Someone who is filled with enthusiasm towards their work or what they’re doing, a person who does their utmost best to do something!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: Things about the entertainment circle!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most want to realise?
A: I hope that we can hold our very own solo concert soon! That way, we can play around with our fans to our heart’s content even sooner!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A: I want to go to a place where no-one will be, with Suho! Because, as leader, he always takes care of us members, he’s made so much effort and has worked so hard for us – I want to give him some time to recover~
Q: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
A: Men who are very enthusiastic about their jobs!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A: Hello everyone! I am EXO-K’s Kai! I’m very glad to be able to meet everyone through this magazine! We will present to everyone an image of EXO who have gradually grown, everyone please support us a lot! Please look forward to it, okay!

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kris1456519_393768280726616_68405432_nQ: Everyone thinks that you are a very fashionable man. If there is a chance in the future for you to design clothes, what unique styles do you have?
KRIS: Clothes which are simple, low-key, but not lacking in details, and adding in the unique concepts of KRIS.

Q: Your height and appearance on cameras is very exceptional, and your performance when filming for pictures, movies, advertisements is great. What kind of movies and advertisements do you wish to film the most?
KRIS: I would like to try all kinds of movies. I would like to try all, from a sunshine boy to a cold-blooded killer. It’s the same for advertisements. As long as they look for me, I will do my best.

Q: Based on your appearance, you look very cool. How is your personality like in real-life?
KRIS: Looking cool but warm on the inside. After I know someone well, I will become more passionate, and sometimes childish. But I am certain of my morals and I’m responsible.

Q: During resting time, who do you chat with the most?
KRIS: TAO, because we live in one room…

Q: You have been to many countries. Between these countries and China, what is special about them and the difference? What attracts you about each country’s culture?
KRIS: Every country has its own unique points and culture, and they are all admirable. I hope to be able to travel around the world in the future, so as to experience the different cultures and enrich my knowledge.

Q: What do you think is the most important thing in becoming an outstanding well-rounded artist?
KRIS: Being brave enough to try what others have yet to try, working hard in improving oneself, and not forgetting your roots.

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
KRIS: A person with inner beauty!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
KRIS: What we are eating today!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realise?
KRIS: Act in a movie!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
KRIS: TAO! Bring him to Guangzhou, my hometown to play!
Q: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
KRIS: With inner beauty, refined, responsible man (myself) haha!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
KRIS: Thank you the fans who support EXO and the readers of Men’s Style. We will continue to work hard! Hope that there will be more chances to meet you all! I love you all <3

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luhan1382846_393591487410962_2147410166_nQ: Among the members, who has the most similar personality to you? Who has a personality most different from yours?
LUHAN: BAEKHYUN and SEHUN have personalities similar to mine. D.O’s personality is really different from mine!

Q: Among the members, has anyone done anything that has touched you? Say a word of thanks to him.
LUHAN: When I was celebrating my birthday, the other 11 members gave me surprise wishes! Really thank you to you guys? We (are) one!

Q: Which member do you envy? Why?
LUHAN: I envy myself! Haha

Q: Are you very particular about your shoes? We have seen that every single pair of shoes you have worn is very fashionable. Do you like collecting shoes?
LUHAN: Yes, I am particular about shoes~

Q: Other than giving a nickname “Baozi” to XIUMIN, what other nicknames have you given to the other members?
LUHAN: At the moment, none.

Q: If you were to introduce China to your Korean friends, where would you recommend?
LUHAN: Great Wall of China! Tiananmen.

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: You should ask Kai this sort of thing!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: We talk about everything! Haha!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most want to realise?
A: I hope that everyone that I know will be healthy!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A: I hope that all 12 of us will go together!
Q: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
A: Men that are loyal!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A: I’m very grateful for all your support! We will continue to do our best! I love you all~

source: 魅力先生主编向未’s weibo
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trans: boonyi ^^


lay1454876_393572670746177_852918941_nQ: How is your fashion style like in private?
LAY: Just a comfortable style

Q: Who is the most hardworking member in K in learning Mandarin? Initially, when interacting with those who couldn’t understand Mandarin, there must have been many interesting episodes right?
LAY: They like to learn interesting phrases in Mandarin~ You get it, right?!

Q: LAY likes composing. Then, in your opinion, which music style matches the other members?
LAY: For KRIS, songs with no high notes (He’s still alright, but when trying the high notes…) TAO, LUHAN, CHEN, XIUMIN are still alright~

Q: Which sentence did you feel was the most difficult when learning Korean?
LAY: None

Q: LAY gives off the feeling of being gentle, and is the “healing unicorn”. But what kind of things will you be more stubborn and strict with?
LAY: Whatever that I feel is right, I would not give in

Q: The first Chinese you met in Korea was KRIS. Based on appearance, KRIS looks very cool. So how did you become friends with him?
LAY: As trainees, and then slowly becoming friends!

Q: In the eyes of reporters, you are a charismatic man. So then, what do you think is your biggest charm?
LAY: I am honest

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
A: Talent!
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
A: When are we going to have a holiday~
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realise?
A: A holiday!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
A: I want to go to a temple by myself to rest for a while!
Q: What type of men do you find it easiest to admire?
A: A guy like me~ Haha!
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
A: You all know, I think~ EXO’s fans are too awesome! You guys rule! Super cool!

source; 魅力先生主编向未’s weibo
trans credit; xuan @ exom-trans
trans: boonyi ^^


tao487400_393591504077627_49843589_nQ: There are many good qualities about you. Which quality do you think has yet to be discovered by others?
TAO: My acting skills are really good~ Haha

Q: Coming to work in Korea, what was the most difficult thing at the start?
TAO: Because when I came over, I was preparing to debut already, so I had to put in 10 times the effort every day. Because I was worried that I would be lacking and lose the change to debut.

Q: Do you think there are any similarities between Wushu and dancing?
TAO: None

Q: What kind of music style do you like personally?

Q: What is the happiest thing coming to Korea?
TAO: Having fans everywhere no matter where I go.

Q: What is the happiest thing going back to China?
TAO: Having fans everywhere no matter where I go.

Q: What type of men do you think is the most charismatic? What type of women is the most attractive?
TAO: A man like me. A charming woman!

Speed Questions

Q: What do you think is needed to be a charismatic man?
TAO: Charisma comes from within a person themself, it is also something that you need to look for, your heart, your actions, your habits, if everything comes out from within your heart it will all make people feel a different kind of charisma.
Q: When you are with the other EXO members, what is the topic most talked about?
TAO: Family, what to play, what to eat, what to buy, where to go, what we’ll do tomorrow, dreams!
Q: In the short term, what is the dream you would most like to realise?
TAO: Hope that EXO will be able to win big awards!
Q: When it comes to travelling, other than your family and parents, if you have to pick a member from the group, who would you most want to go with? What kind of place would you most like to go to?
TAO: I want to go with KRIS-ge to Canada and Qingdao, we have an agreement that in the future he will take me to Canada and I will take him to Qingdao~
Q: What type of men do you find easiest to admire?
TAO: I don’t know, never thought about it.
Q: Please say something to the fans and readers of this issue!
TAO: Thank you all, I may not be able to give you all everything, but as long as I still am a singer, I will do my very best to give you everything! I love you all!

source; 魅力先生主编向未’s weibo
trans credit; amy @ exom-trans
trans: boonyi ^^

Note: Credits to the rightful owners of the Pictures (Scans)



[TRANS] Men’s Style October Issue


12 stylish, fashionable and good-looking guys.

They’re not merely legends.

Even though EXO are already popular all over Asia, they’re still not as widely known as the Chinese idols! But don’t worry, they’re only around 20 years old plus they have a few, extremely charming Chinese members – if we say that distance gives rise to beauty, the Korean members have given the Chinese fans endless dreams and a feeling of mystery… And, the Chinese members have undoubtedly allowed Chinese fans to believe in them even more – they’re responsible for affinity…

Through this time’s photoshoot, the staff sincerely felt their charisma is not limited to them only being on stage but from now on, in the clothing world, the fashion circle, movies, dramas, shows. There are so many places that they could develop in. All of this makes people continuously look forward to their future.

EXO are not merely a legend!
They are the most perfect beings!
They have the most fierce future!
They will slowly enter every single industry!

Because work is busy, we are currently working hard to complete our EXO interview, plus after that there will be many more tasks to do, so regrettably, we will have to wait for the next issue to see you again for the exclusive interview.

For the interview this time, our editing staff have completed their tasks. They have prepared just about a week’s schedule – we have got to know each and every one of the group members distinctly, we will do our best not to ask them anything they’ve been asked before and use questions in which everyone is interested in, so that we can give everyone an even truer, more in depth EXO!

Everyone please do look forward to it!


This big boy with a tall stature is without a doubt, TAO. As someone who has practiced 11 years of martial arts, his sporty style is obvious. He is a boy who is both manly and seductive, an angel who is cold yet gentle.


During the gaps of the photoshoot, KRIS would come over and tell us about his deep interest in designing clothing, and excitedly discussed with our fashion editor about the clothing this time. If one day, you see a fashion label by KRIS, you probably wouldn’t be surprised!



When this sincere line sounds, it makes people uncontrollably think of all the stories about him. BAEKHYUN is someone who has always been able to give people a piece of silent goodness, even when he is at his happiest, his smile is still graceful.


CHANYEOL, makes people who can’t help it but link him to certain, friendly characters in story books. This has led to feeling a natural sense of closeness when you first meet him. In reality, CHANYEOL can be considered one of the cutest members.


SEHUN, a boy who exudes the air of a noble. As EXO’s youngest member, everyone will find his every action and expression, a cute kind of pride, even when he is tremendously cold, you will still find that this is just another cute act.


LUHAN, this eye-catching Beijing boy, even though he is very quiet and gentle here, he is still a bright star. Simply from his warm, smiling face and cute bow we can understand why he receives so much attention … why he makes many people reluctant to part with him.


A domineering dance posture and his little wheat-coloured skin leave a heavy impression, as well as his contrasting, youthful maturity and sexiness. But still, he is a shy young man who can also act cute. When facing compliments and praise, he will use a bright and clear laugh to hide his shy self.


The perfect lead singer on stage, Chen, is a very energetic young man in his private life. In particular when he’s with Chanyeol and Baekhyun, the atmosphere becomes explosively high! Seeing Chen who has such a cute face, the people beside him can’t help but feel extremely happy under his influence.


Because of EXO,it was the first time our editors knew of the phrase ‘to be in charge of’, so this time, our editors decided that we would use it for the first time here -that SUHO is most definitely ‘in-charge of smiles’ in EXO -no matter when you look at him, you will always see his smile that is as warm as the sun, graceful, polite and well mannered -there isn’t any air of a leader about him. Perhaps it’s his gentleness and kindness that has allowed him to become a leader that is protected and loved by everyone.


After going through professional training in Korea, LAY no longer holds a Changsha countryside air around him. The him with many skills and talents had an exceptional disposition during the photoshoot. Of course, what was most unforgettable was still his bashful smile and his dimples.


D.O. who looks even more like the ‘maknae’ may present himself ‘maturely’ because he doesn’t wish for other people to say that he is small -he looks very cute, but his speech and actions make people feel a unique sense of manly charisma. D.O. is a very good kid, using his own words, he is ‘the kind of person who quietly observes’, when the members are playing around, he is always silently looking on from a side, and then laughing along with everyone.


When looking at him at the photoshoot, XIUMIN looks like an outgoing person who likes to smile, but he does not like to talk, and has the feel of a lone ranger, he is also a little shy, and is calm no matter the situation.

source; exo ba’s weibo
trans cr; xuan + amy@exom-trans
please take out with full credits.



For this post, I have to acknowledge the fact that Lay CAN actually wink :D Opposite to what I have said here: Lay – The Zhang Yixing I Know

The subtle and not so subtle way: Beakhyun the overly cute member knows how to play up his charms. While the leader does it the old fashioned way -subtle : )


Dyo showing his skillS! While maknae struggles to do properly, that in itself is already cute. Gambatte Sehunnie!


I love this pairing by the way. Whoever made these gifs know what they’re doing
Love the hat Chanyeol. Oh, and seductive does not become you.
What did Kris say?


That was a beautiful wink, Tao! And Lay too. Only one eye is definitely closing unlike the others who look like they are squinting and ends up being cute >_<  *coughsehuncough*


It’s not the wink that caught my attention with our very own trolling machine Chen, it’s the way his mouth curved when he winks. :3
Xiumin lives up to his playful and sexy attitude being the oldest and ‘more’ experienced. (Exo members spelling their names using their butts come to mind. Haha)


The pairing was definitely good :’D
Luhan’s winking style was aptly named. He looks like an adorable baby plus it looks like he is winking for the first time. Kai, that is so not a wink! But the constant smile on his face and the slight turning up of his mouth on one side more than made up for it. This is definitely not Kai, this is his alter ego -Jong in  : ))


Cr: to the rightful owner


EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - EXO-MEXO at Men’s Style Magazine September Issue – COVER STORY

EXO Asia’s Newest Trendy Male Idol Group

If you do not know EXO, then I will heartlessly tell you: You’re old already!

Over a million comments on an article, even weibo queen Tao, Chen and many other big celebrities have taken the initiative to ask for others to share information about EXO with them, fans whose screams were actually able to make Zhang Han (t/n: a very famous Chinese actor) angry. EXO, a new Korean idol group like this that has only debuted for a year, why are they so hot?

- Because they represent Korea and even Asia’s newest trend!

- Because they represent brand new dreams and aspirations of the new people!

- Because they represent this world’s most beautiful and first aspiration!

This time, just as when we agreed to shoot EXO for this issue’s Men’s Style cover page, our editors became young in just a second, and happily shouted and skipped as we arrived in Korea’s capital city. Although the process of preparing was extremely hard, but just thinking about needing to prepare 5 outfits for each of the 12 members in just a few days, which in total is 60 outfits, our head starts to ache. This lead to us having overweight baggage despite having first class tickets to Korea, at the end it was only because the staff saw that it was for the photo shoot with EXO that they let us go. When we arrived in Korea, we were stopped by the custom officers because they mistakenly thought that we had smuggled the clothing from abroad. Finally, after confirming that we were indeed reporters heading to hold a photo shoot with EXO, did the officers comfortably let us go.


From aliens with superpowers – alien wolves with superpowers – growling alien wolves with superpowers!

Perhaps it is because they are too popular, due to their consecutive schedules, it was only at 2pm of the day itself did the photo shoot begin. All of EXO’s members only had 2 hours of sleep, when they and the staff rushed over to the photo shoot venue like strong gust of wind, all of them had not even taken their lunch. Us reporters were unable to hold it in, and very immorally, began to worry about the quality of the photo shoot. What was good, was that the reporters had predicted this and prepared them lunch in advance, thankfully the SM staff in Korea were very nice, and there none of the rumors of ‘Koreans being hard to handle’ were realized. Perhaps, that ‘being hard to handle’ was just people from China not fully adapting to the strict and professional working attitude! Finally, because of the 12 members of EXO’s professional attitude and rapport, the group of Korean photographers’ hard work and EXO’s managers huge assistance, we were actually able to finish the photo shoot half an hour in advance!

At the photo shoot venue, each and every member of EXO was extremely handsome, definitely even more handsome than on TV or in magazines. It was precisely because of this that us, reporters, started to feel immense pressure –this time we must definitely photograph them to look more handsome than they do in real life, only then will it be considered a success!

EXO is undoubtedly a group of well-trained artistes that have gone through training from a big international company. Not only are they polite, they are professional and have good work ethic. At the venue, we saw that the 12 of them had very good relationships, they are Asia’s idols, but actually they too are just a group of boys next door –when it wasn’t their turn, the members who would want to take a nap, took a nap; those that wanted to play games would play games; those who wanted to use their mobile phones, used their mobile phones; those who wanted to play around, played around –they were very young, lively and cute.otp hunhan aa

And what left the deepest impression with our reporters was that Luhan and Sehun’s relationship was so close that it would make one jealous –when Sehun would finish trying out a set of clothes and would face the mirror and do a catwalk and make a few poses while looking pleased, Luhan would smile and not be able to control himself and would go up to Sehun and peel off his clothes to wear on his own, and exaggeratedly imitate Sehun’s poses from before, otp hunhan couple caps winklucausing Sehun and all the staff present to laugh till they couldn’t close their mouths –that kind of an intimate scene is just way too fresh and good, it was stuck in our reporters’ heads for days and could not be erased.

In our next issue, EXO-K will appear on the cover of our magazine. Once again, the twelve members will appear, with brand new outfits and an attractive photo spread, don’t miss out!

credit:  amy@exom-trans. 


EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - SUHO .


Kim Junmyeon

Official height: 173cm

Weight: 52kg

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - SUHOBirthday: 22 May 1991

Role in the group: EXO’s overall leader, EXO-K’s leader, sub-vocals, mom, king of gentleness

Personality: Model (t/n: as in his personality is exemplary), polite, attentive to needs, gentle, timid (as a result of the poll on Happy Camp)

Special point: Scared of the cold

Specialties: Singing, acting, golf

Female celebrity he likes: Lee Minjung

Ideal type: a girl with long straight hair and literary interests sitting at the balcony reading a book and tucking her hair behind her ear; a girl interested in literature with long hair for her outer appearance, but a personality that is bright, lively and open/forthright.

Favourite number: 8

Favourite food: Kimbap

Favourite Chinese food: Roasted duck

Motto: To know yourself

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - BAEKHYUN .


Byun Baekhyun

Officially recognized nickname: Sogogi (Beef)

Weight: 52kg

Birthday: 6 May 1992

Blood type: O

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - BAEKHYUNShoe size: 250~260 about size 41

Role in the group: K’s main vocal, atmosphere maker, in charge of eyeliner

Special ability in MAMA: LIGHT, ability to produce a very strong light beam

Personality: Bright and lively, approachable, kind, gentle and without a temper.

Favourite colours: Black, white, grey

Ideal type: Han Gain; a girl with much charms, a girl who looks good in jeans, a girl who goes well with jeans, white skin, good figure, cute, kind, a girl with a nice scent on her, a cute and round style, not very skinny.

Favourite movies: Scifi, Action

Favourite number: 48

Roommate: Park Chanyeol

Current roommates: Park Chanyeol, Xiumin, Tao

Motto: Hard work is the path to survival.

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - CHANYEOL .


Park Chanyeol

Nationality: Korean

Height: 186cm

Birthday: 27 November 1992

Horoscope: Sagittarius

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - CHANYEOLRole in the team: Rapper, face of the group, atmosphere maker, height, reactions

Ideal type: Someone who likes to smile, a girl who is easily amused by him

Ideal type height: 150-159cm

Typical style: hiphop, street, casual

Motto: Enjoy it!

Family members: Dad, mom, older sister

Time spent as a trainee: 4 years (2008 – 22 February 2012)

Pre-debut experience: Was part of a school band for a year, dreamt of becoming a singer when he was in high school.

2008 TVXQ’s UCC advertisements

2008 School Uniform Model Contest Silver Award

2008 SM Casting System

Appeared in TVXQ’s Ha Ha Song MV

2010 Appeared in Girls’ Generation’s Genie Japanese MV as a male character

2012 Appeared in Girls’ Generation’s sub-group TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - D.O .


Do Kyungsoo

Officially recognized nickname: Dyo

Nationality: Korean

Official height: 173cm

Horoscope: Capricorn

Blood type: A

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - D.ODebut: 8 April 2012 on Inkigayo

Personality: Delicate heart, serious, responsible, cares for others, sometimes can be rather introverted, stable, kind, cute, but other times can be act a little unusual and lively.

Personal talents: Beatbox, rap, voice imitations

Future dream: Other than being a singer is to be a chef, designer

Ideal type: Kind, someone who doesn’t mind anything

Favourite girl group: f(x)

Favourite actress: Amanda Seyfried

Favourite food: spaghetti, strawberry cake, chocolate chip mint ice cream

Close friends in the industry: Im Hyunsik (BTOB), Yoon Doojun (BEAST)

Roommate: Kim Jongin

Current Roommates: Luhan, Oh Sehun

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - KAI .


Kim Jongin

Nationality: Korean

Official height: 183cm

Weight: 68kg

Birthday: 14 January 1994

Horoscope: Capricorn

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - KAIRole in the group: Overall main dancer, K’s main dancer, sexiness, rapper

Personality: Although he can be a little blur but he is someone with much emotions, wants to be nice to others but finds it hard to express it. Serious, warm, sincere, introverted, focused, stable, a little blur but places importance on friendship, kind, pure, cute, cool on the outside but in reality is someone who knows really well how to take care of other people. Workaholic, doesn’t know how to act cute or whine to get his way, doesn’t really like talking.

Where his charms are at: Dancing skills that are better than the rest, tanned skin, sexy figure and voice, aggressive yet cute all combined, extremely strong ability to perform on stage, his serious and focused personality, his confidence on stage and shyness off stage, doesn’t know how to fake things, very seriously presenting himself, will work hard to show good fan service.

Favourite colours: red, black, blue

Time spent as a trainee: 5 years (2008 to 3 January 2012)

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - SEHUN .


Oh Sehun

Nationality: Korean

Official height: 183cm

Birthday: 12 April 1994

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - SEHUNNicknames: Sehun, milk bun, little milk bun, white jindo puppy, Xun-er (the second half of Sehun’s Chinese name with ‘er’ added), maknae, Sese (the first half of Sehun’s Chinese name repeated) (t/n: Xun-er and Sese come from a common way that Chinese people make nicknames.)

Personality: Simple and pure; if you get close to him, he’ll become very bright and lively.

Specialties: Dancing, Acting

Idols: BoA, Michael Jackson

Habits: Sticking his tongue out, rolling his eyes

Roommate: Kim Junmyeon

Current roommates: Luhan, D.O

Close seniors and friends in the industry: BoA, Girls’ Generation, Lee Taemin, Lee Donghae, Jeong Daeun (High school classmates)

Ideal type: Kind, open/forthright, a clean girl; an ideal type mentioned numerous times in TV interviews is Choi Jiwoo noona; when he gets injured, a girl who will run towards him with sincere concern and help him put medicine on his wounds; Miranda Kerr.

Pre-debut experience: 2008 SM Casting System

In 2012, participated in Girls’ Generation’s sub-group TaeTiSeo’s Twinkle MV

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - KRIS .


Wu Yifan

Nationality: Canadian

Birthday: 6 November 1990

Blood type: B

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - KRISNickname for his fans: Fanqing, Meigeni

Special point: Model body, Strong presence, Camera radar, Low voice, Perfect side profile, 360 degrees no bad angle (t/n: aka there isn’t a single angle that he looks bad)

Specialty: Languages (Chinese, English, Korean, Cantonese), Rap, basketball, writing lyrics, drums

Favourite dish: Anything other than fish

If he were to confess he would say: “I’ve fallen for you, what should I do?”

When he feels he’s the sexiest: Before sleeping, when he’s washing his face and brushing his teeth (because his face isn’t swollen); He also feels that men who work hard are the most handsome

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - LUHAN .



Nationality: Chinese

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 20 April 1990

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - LUHANHoroscope: Aries

Role in the group: M’s main vocal, lead dancer, face of the group

Pet phrase: “Yes.” “When it’s done.” “This is it, I guess.” “Yup.” “Just like this.”

Personality: Polite and humble, bright and lively, likes to laugh, loyal (mentioned on Happy Camp), low-key, positive, kind, cute

Favourite genre of music: R&B

Favourite movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite soccer team: Manchester United

Favourite stars: TVXQ, Bruno Mars, Usher, Akon

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - XIUMIN .


Kim Minseok

Nationality: Korean

Height: 173cm

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - XIUMINNicknames: Mantou, Golden bun, Bun, Cute bun (came up with it by himself), Minmin, Dumpling (because he has slimmed down a lot), Big brother (or eldest brother), Baobao daren (t/n: ‘Baobao’ means bun [the ‘bao’ in ‘baozi’] and ‘daren’ is used as a term of respect, such as for someone in charge), little squirrel

Role in the group: M’s sub-vocal, sub-lead dancer, screaming (t/n: like the part in MAMA)

Specialty: Singing, Taekwondo, Fencing, Dancing, Soccer etc.

Favourite artistes: JJ Lin, Jay Chou

Ideal type: Affinity on first sight (t/n: aka he gets attracted to the other person’s appearance and air on their first meeting). In the course of dating, someone who is able to give him hugs and take care of him, and give him comfort (If he sees someone that he likes, he will immediately confess to her)

Pre-debut experience: 2008 SM Everysing Contest 2nd place

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - LAY .


Zhang Yixing

English name: Issing

Nationality: Chinese

Horoscope: Libra

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - LAYRole in the group: M’s main dancer, sub-vocals, in charge of instruments

Special abilities in MAMA: HEALING, Can heal any ‘injury’ (Unicorn has the ability to heal, and can make withered flowers bloom again; corresponds to BAEKHYUN’s light ability)

Nickname: Xing yazi (Changsha yazi), Xingtuo, Dandan, léiléi / lěilěi (sounds similar to his stage name) (t/n: yazi or ngazi in Changsha dialect is a word Changsha people use to mean kid; ‘tuo’ is a term in Changsha dialect to mean little and cute; ‘Dandan’ comes from the infamous comment made by Lu Han on Yixing’s ‘lonly’ status)

Personality: Serious, hardworking, sincere, grateful. Big difference with his on/off-stage persona. Particularly lively in private, easy-going, childish, funny.

Hobbies: Dancing, composing, writing songs, staying at home pet-phrase: “Is this okay?” Classic quotes: “Easy-going but not without personality.” “I’m usually not funny.”

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - CHEN .


Kim Jongdae

Nationality: Korean

Height: 178cm

Birthday: 21 September 1992

Blood type: O

Personality: Determined, happy, kind

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - CHENFamily members: Dad, mom, older brother

Specialities: Singing, piano etc.

Childhood dream: To be a singer

Future dreams: To be the world’s best vocalist

Favourite Chinese singer: Wang Leehom

Favourite movie: The Avengers

An odd thought: Wants to try being massaged by an elephant

What he thinks of his appearance: Very handsome; best of best; the face of the Kim family (t/n: Kim family here being all people with the surname Kim); satisfied with his height; height is just a number.

Ideal type:

1. A pair of charming eyes

2. Honest

3. Someone who will be able to take care of him like a noona, with a heart that is able to forgive all his shortcomings.

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - TAO .


Huang Zitao

Place of birth: Shandong province, Qingdao city

Nationality: Chinese

Birthday: 2 May 1993

Blood type: AB

Height: 183cm

Role in the group: Rapper, Martial arts

EXO @ Men's Style Magazine September Issue - TAOSpecial abilities in MAMA: TIME CONTROL, stopping objects in motion and stopping time

Nicknames: Romantic Panda, Kungfu Panda (Fan’s nickname), Little leopard, Peacock gege

Favourite print/design: Leopard, skulls

Favourite colour: Bright colours, blue

Awards won:

1. 3rd Beijing University Students Street Dance Competition Rap Category – Excellence Award

2. 2nd Capital City High School Street Dance Competition

3. National Wushu Competition 3rd place

4. Qingdao City Movie Wushu Competition Sword Category 2nd, Spear performance Category 1st place

5. 3rd Beijing University Students Street Dance Competition DJ Category – Excellence Award6. Hong Kong Music Festival Freestyle Rap – First Place

source: weibotranslation cr; amy@exom-trans




EXO has set yet another record!


exo is everywhere these days!

The boys had a livestream event with Naver titled ‘EXO LIVE! Growl on One Summer Night!’. The livestream brought in 350,000 fans from a whopping 90 different countries, including Korea, China, the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Thailand, and more. It’s the highest number of viewers in the history of Naver’s livestream.

The livestream was MCed by Super Junior’s Shindong, and the boys introduced their repackage album and performed “XOXO” and “Lucky”, and also revealed the new “Growl” MV version for the first time. (ALLKPOP)

Shindong’s definitely right when he mentioned that Growl is everywhere these days (what with their 5th Win and all!), and that every show EXO appears on, it instantly becomes a hit [where they would break records just like this one.]

EXO members introduced themselves uniquely. President Suho and Member Sehun‎; the art club member Kris; athletics club member Tao; the esteemed vocal club consisting of Baekhyun, Chen and the member wanna be D.O; then there’s the dance club with Kai and Lay with a tag along Chanyeol and his rapping and guitar skills; and last but definitely not the least, the flower boys — great face, great body and they’re even young – Xiumin and Luhan.

exo-kris-drawing-on-china-love-big-songIt was amusing that Kris decided to embrace his artistic inclination and proudly announced that he’s EXO’s PICASSO! That took a lot of guts. ^^ Kris probably knows that he’s been Picasso for a while since he surfs the net when he has time (probably way back, prior to their comeback, wolf promotions and growl -they are so busy these days I wonder if they still get to sleep for at least 6 hrs)

CONGRATS BOYS! You’re making history!

#GROWL1stWIN 16 August – KBS Music Bank *
#GROWL2ndWIN 18 August – SBS Music Trend (Inkigayo)
#GROWL3rdWIN 21 August – MBC Music Show Champion
#GROWL4thWIN 22 August – M! Countdown
#GROWL5thWIN 23 August - KBS Music Bank *
#GROWL6thWIN 24 August – MBC Show! Music Core

Baekhyun, on the other hand, introduced himself as EXO’s canine. It just hit me that I have been looking, no scratch that, staring at his teeth whenever he sings and I love that he has the same pointed teeth as me! He mentioned canine and I thought of his teeth! =D

EXO-M sang “Lucky” while EXO-K sang “XOXO”
They said the repacked album Kiss have different pictures and layout from the Hug version. I really want to get either one but I have no idea how to order online. I’m a complete novice when it comes to that

And then there’s the LINE chat with fans. 12 lucky fans get to interact with them through the chat. Chen was asked about his ranking of exo’s looks; of course he picked himself as first! =D (then Luhan, Chanyeol and Sehun)
After a while, they started uploading selcas. I think I saw Kai’s picture of his yellow shoes up there =)

Tao and Kai were chosen when they asked who among them is sexy. (Meanwhile, Suho chose D.O -_-)

cute kai and tao - work it!

Let’s see Kai and Tao work it! (Exo – 365)

And they touched upon the subject of Lay and Kai’s dancing style and how they differ when it comes to dancing. (Even Lay was curious himself)

lay JPG and his unicorn Kai is a smooth dancer, which is probably due to his ballet and jazz training,  and more on angles kind of dance, while Lay on the other hand dances with more power and is excellent at popping (not to mention sexy! — If you have seen him on their second visit in Weekly Idol, then you know what I’m talking about =D). They aren’t called dancing machines for no reason.kai with headphones

And Kris strikes again with his “cheesiness”, he was asked to say something in English to international fans and there was a sort of pause before duizhang suddenly blurting — ‘I love you. Thank you. And support EXO and …. and I love you and thank you.”

do - clap clap clap, chukae

Waah! D,O yah, I totally share the same thoughts with you. ‘It doesn’t matter what you wear, It’s how you carry yourself’. I dress whatever works for me and I’m glad an idol like him has that habit too. (laughs)

They were asked of their dream collaboration and Sehun said a performance with BoA again; Xiumin wanted to be with U-Know; Kai wanted to one with Taemin; Chanyeol answered TRAX’s Jeongmo; Baekhyun, greedy as he is, mentioned almost all the vocal line from their sehun laugh adorablecompany; and the funny transition with Tao wanting to film a drama with SJ’s Siwon; then Lay, the ever comical unicorn, declared that he wanted to have lunch with Lee Soo Man! :’D Is that a collaboration!?

AND If you’re wondering why Exo is a hit these days? Blame it on Kris! =D He said it’s because he was popular/successful. Yep. The trolling dragon is back!

The’re were comments too on why Exo is much loved by the fans consisting of twelve syllables. And it was interesting that EXO made messages with 12 letters/syllables for the fans too. It’s a bit like poetry with the meter.

tumblr_m9xng2hoxJ1qlz88to1_500 (1)

THE REASON WHY WE SING AND DANCE (It’s twelve letters/syllables in Korean)

I remember reading about K-pop in a Sparkling Mag and there was one line that stuck with me. “We should go to their shows not for us too see THEM, but for them to see US.” And I was like, that was exactly how it should be! That should be how fans think not just blind adoration for these boys. 





exo art - minion university

I have been patiently waiting for the release of the dance version of Growl and it seems that my wait was just all for naught. It’s finally out, and so is the second version of the mv! Although the dance practice version has been out in the public for quite some time now, I never had the opportunity or the desire to watch it because it I thought it would spoil the MV. It turns out that I have been anticipating a different one from the Official MV but watching it now, it looks exactly the same (the choreography) and the only consolation was the interesting endings in the two versions.

In the Korean version of Growl Dance Only, we saw how Kai in just 3 seconds managed to transform into Jong-in. Aren’t he cute? And I discovered one more thing about our dancing machine, according to Baekhyun during the time they were in Yoo In Na’s Volume up, Kai is a little cold and known to be straightforward/frank in saying his thoughts, and I imagine him being the one admonishing his co-members and demonstrating how the moves were properly done (aside from their sunbaes and the choreographer).

Another instance where kai turns to jongin

Another instance where kai turns to jongin

And then there’s Luhan, who is forever saying he is manly (which we will tackle later), with his sexy pose at the end and the cameraman saw fit to tease him, resulting into I imagine a very shy Luhan in the practice room! Did that make sense? I think the cameraman did that not for the fans but to tease Luhan, but in the fans eyes –Luhan was the teaser and he did it through cameraman-ssi. =D Bianhe Lulu.

As this video and song focuses on the routine/dance, our attention would naturally focus on those who dance well, and the ones who were never really into dancing. To see if [the amazing dancers] still had it in them and if the other ones were improving.

Exo is way too much fun and that’s one of the many reasons I could not bear to leave them, even if this fandom has the 1:2 chance of being named as Exorcist (see their interview on Yoo In Na’s Volume Up where they contemplate possible names for the fandom =D).

I have noticed different things every time I watch them perform or dance ‘Growl’ for the nth time. One is Kris, hwah [!] his legs are really long as in long-long, and his dancing has improved a lot. There are some steps or movements that he missed out on but with legs that long, I would have a hard time making use of them too (for dancing of course, what else did you think =D). Second is Tao, I never noticed this before but the routine suited him well and he gave an awesome performance! Kungfu Panda and Peacock ge is slowly being forgotten and here comes a AB style Tao. And did anyone not notice the maknae Sehun? That kid is getting taller and looking like his Luhan-hyung every time I see him. He is a great dancer himself, though I can’t say much for his singing because I rarely hear him sing! But he compensates for it with his rap. That is why I really appreciated him when they performed SHINee’s ‘Why So Serious’, he did justice on the dance and his rap is awesome. Some even said that he got more lines on that performance alone than the rest of the songs on their new album put together.

What can I say for Lay? Hmmm. It has been obvious from the start that he is a boy of many talents but he is still amazing in every dance performance and if I may add, SEXY, especially with the way he sways those hips and how he bites his lips when dancing.

Suho has given it all away. I am not going to explain further and let you just think about that for yourself.suho - growl

Aside from dancing, they have gotten so good in singing! Or MAYBE they were finally getting comfortable with performing for a lot of people and it have been since they started singing that they were deemed good. Especially those times when they sing with falsetto, and I know being a choir member once myself that it is quite hard to maintain especially if it’s a boy singing.

I probably say this a lot and because it never gets old but I get goose bumps when I hear them sing that way (with falsetto), and sometimes I even held my breath and never notice it I’m doing it until the time I exhaled – breathing out with relief that their voice never cracked or wavered on the notes.

Here are some of those times that EXO members [especially Baekhyun, D.O, and Chen since they are the main vocals] have made fans swoon with their singing.

And if you aren’t a fan of exo and just happen to be reading this post, I sincerely hope you listen to some of these songs and just enjoy the music. In the end, there’s no harm in listening to music, is there? =)) Music as they say can be a universal language, you may not understand the full message of the song but you can I doubt if you can’t feel the emotions expressed by the one singing.


Peter Pan + Don’t Go + 365+ Baby + My Lady

D.O sang a little bit of the Peter Pan and as usual I am still in awe at how he can be good in pronouncing English words. He might just be the next one to learn a second language in the group! Then there’s funny moment when Chanyeol tried to pronounce ‘Cinderella’ (tried being the operative word here =D) and D.O corrected him. He was so impressed! While Baekhyun did a good job! Cheopta! 365 – Chanyel sang this his part in this song. Lay sang the Chinese version of Baby. It looks like he really liked this song and has been eagerly waiting for his turn to sing. Oh, and Chen and D.O. also sang the English part in the intro of My Lady.

Duet of Ryeowook and Baekhyun

What can I say? Baekhyun has such a wonderful soothing voice, he is excellent when it comes to high notes much like Chen and has such accurate control on his pitch and melody,  and Ryeowook has always been amazing in singing.  The song tugs at my heart. I wish it has an English version. Lol

Duet of Baekhyun and Chen

Aside from these two vocals singing the song as easy as breathing for them, there’s Chanyeol beside Chen who seems to be doing some kind of interpretative performance of the song. It was distracting especially when Chen was playing along with him at one point too. As expected from the cheerleader of exo – happy virus.

Lonely Night by Chanyeol

Chanyeol is undoubtedly an amazing rapper.

Sunday Morning by D.O, Chen, and Ryeowook

After hearing them sing this song when this video was first uploaded it stayed in my head for days! I unconsciously sing this when I’m in the shower, when eating or when in class. It’s funny when I think about it now but I recall being told off by one of my friends that I have to stop singing that song or I’d probably be dead and still be singing it. I never even knew this song existed, haha! It’s my first time hearing it and it was only a cover.


Chen – Please Love the Girl

D.O and Bekhyun – Mini Live (A bit singing)

It’s not that I did not like their other live performances but I appreciated this one the best during this radio guesting. When D.O sang, it seems that Baekhyun was trying to sabotage him (LOL), or probably not, when Baekhyun suddenly interfered and said ‘kkeut’. He probably thought D.O was already finished while D.O was only trying to find the right rhythm.

When Baekhyun sang … Woah! His vocals were amazing! You can just watch it and share this feeling of awe with me : )


Peter Pan | Love Song Live – Baekhyun and Chanyeol |I Miss you – Chen

As it is in the title of this post, there’s being ‘manly’ mentioned and whenever that subject is brought up time and time ever since Exo’s debut, I cannot help but think of that particular member who tries his hardest so people would take him seriously and stop calling him cute. But hey, who’s counting right? He’s name even appeared on allkpop on an article regarding idols who look different but actually are in the same age. And Luhan, yes it’s him (again), was even paired with 2pm’s Chansung who looked mature and manly compared to baby-faced Luhan but they are actually born in the same year!

luhan blond waves

This exo member leaves his cute and baby faced expressions [somewhere] in exchange for his charismatic aura on stage whenever he performs. BUT, Try as he might in showing a cool performance he reverts back to his childlike stance after a moment and reveals the natural cuteness that cannot be helped even by him. He is our very own fake maknae.

luhan - childlike lu head danceluhan - byebyee

Not to mention his helium craze during their visit in China:

luhan heliumluhan helium 2

And you know what’s worse? He seems to have taken a liking to A-pink! Not worse-worse because I’m jealous as a fan, but worse because now he won’t be able to thoroughly shake off this image of him being a cutie pie. In a Younha’s Starry Night, Exo were asked to choose between Girls Day and A-pink and Xiao Lu was one of those who chose the latter and he reasoned out that it was because he liked the group’s songs for its bright and bubbly quality.

cute luhan dances apink no no no

And that’s it. Sorry to crush your dreams of being manly but it seems that you will follow your sunbae’s footsteps, specifically Key of SHINee, being the diva and dance expert of girl groups [and I thought it would be Baekhyun for sure]. =D
Kidding! Jiayou Lulu! Even though it’s like that, keep trying!

Speaking of their second visit to Weekly Idol –it was really good. They were getting the hang of doing variety shows and holding up their own. During the last one, Luhan wasn’t given the full shot but this time it was Kris who weren’t featured much.
They did aegyos, girl group dances, dance king contest and Kris wasn’t in any of them. On the other side Luhan was made sure that he got a lot of shots!

Watch out for Tao’s almost failed demonstration of nun chuck, D.O’s ranking of their visuals, Baekhyun’s ranking revenge to D.O and Chen, EXO members bowing to their fans, Luhan hitting Sehun and Kai (SeKaiLu again!), Chanyeol and Chen’s dancing machine status!

There’s the girl group dances too with Suho as the lead, the dance battle to watch out –Lay was jaw-droopingly sexy, and the aegyo! I thought there was no one cuter than Minseok but it turns out Baekhyun has a lot of aegyo too! I died at his aegyo –died laughing!


After the huge success and popularity of ‘Wolf’, EXO has again showed up with another song “으르렁 (Growl)”. As with all their other MVs, precedent to the release of the official video, is the leak of their dance practice video which have been criticized, shared and edited by countless of netizens this past week.

EXO‘s Growl Chinese version broke Yinyuetai records while the Korean version reached 2M views in just one day after its release!

exo fanart growl

As always – A fan-art tribute to their new song ‘Growl’

What to do? I am completely swept away by these guys! They are not the same as they had been almost a year ago. I mean, being a fan for over a year isn’t much but even I can see the changes. For one, there are those muscles; they seem to be exerting a lot! You wouldn’t dare call them gangly boys who sing and dance, they are in a fan-girl terms ‘hot’.

They have a whole new look; needless to say they always have a new look even if it is just a week before the last one. But recently, it is not just about their hairstyles or their clothes; it’s about how EXO members carry themselves, with confidence.

Along with this new found confidence not only to themselves but also faith to their fans, they emerged 1st on the Top 100 Popular K-POP Groups & K-Stars in Japan this 1st week of August. (What an achievement! Japan!) Omedetōgozaimasu EXO!

This video by far, is the most amazing dance video I have seen when it comes to these boys. The camera sweeping through the whole room was much appreciated! The dance routine itself is simple yet edgy and brimming with swag. SM does know what they are doing. We have seen EXO members sing their hearts out with high notes and a Capella, and now we get to see them dance in a whole new level from their Mama era, leaving behind excessive make up, costumes, bright and sparkly sets and camera tricks.

That hat-passing in the dance is really clever, it not only adds to the swag but also serves as an indicator as to whom the audience should be focusing on (though if you have a bias in exo, that would be unnecessary).

I have never in my life been so drawn to them as I have when I saw them dance like they did in the video. The duration of the MV, I was mentally calculating how long would it take for me to learn the routine. It was an unfamiliar feeling that was never associated with Kpop, I mean, as much as I love their other two MVs they have never compelled me to learn the dance steps like in Growl.

Growl (으르렁) Repackaged Album Teaser Photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Not only they manage to gain many people’s attention by releasing a music video that is different from the first one in terms of genre and style, they also gained respect from different artists especially their sunbaes from the same company.

SHINee’s Onew tweeted: 130801

SHNeExo feels~~~

Onew tweet

SHINee’s Leader-nim

SHINee’s Jonghyun’s Twitter Update: 130801

@realjonghyun90 One of these have to be your type, right…? For that, you need EXO, and they’re here. All the members’ colors are uber charming… Look, first, and then see yourself searching EXO in the search terms.. The composition is awesome. Sanghoon hyung, Jaewon hyung, Beatburger, you’re the jjang jjang man. (translate by @shiningtweets)

SuJu’s Shindong tweeted about EXO’s new MV: 130801 

@ShinsFriends (Shindong) Tweet: Exo, you guys are really crazy?? Making this in one-take?? You guys are really amazing!! I can’t say any words.. Just.. The best! (Trans by: NKSubs)

It isn’t enough that the routine and choreography itself is genius, nor the boys performing are too handsome for their own good, and they just had to inform us that they just did all that in ONE TAKE?! Wow.


“Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” 
(Martha Graham)





JUNE 25, 2013

’Whole’ EXO, Leaping Over Nationality’s Wall as a ‘Family’

Here’s something I found on Tumblr when I was browsing exo chibi fanarts. Alice in the Wonderland theme for Exo!
Credits to the rightful owners of these.

◆ The ‘whole’ with no rivals have come back

‘Although we weren’t born in the same year the same month the same day, we’d like to die together on the same year the same month the same day’ is one of scenes that appears in Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ Oath in the Peach Garden (t/n: Romance of the Three Kingdom’s is a Chinese novel and in one of the scenes, the men swore themselves as blood brothers in the peach garden).
In the music world, there have also appeared twelve blood brothers that are grouped tightly together through loyalty like them. It is the story of ‘global family’ EXO who gathered a lot of interest through the meeting of Korea and China.

Ranking in the upper rank for various music charts and the offline album sales volume being in first place for two weeks straight is natural, at the three major broadcast music programs, they swept the top and made the ‘EXO craze.’ Their energy source is ‘whole EXO.’

EXO-K (Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai, Sehun) and EXO-M, (Luhan, Tao, Chen, Lay, Xiumin, Kris) who were active in Korea and China respectively, have become one for their official first album. They announced ‘XOXO(Kiss&Hug)’ on the third of last month and are in the midst of animatedly promoting their title song ‘Wolf and Beauty(Wolf).’

“I didn’t know we would receive love from so many people. Whenever we go up on stage, we try to pour out all our energy. I think that is the side of us that they enjoy looking at. Thank you so much” (Suho)

“As the twelve members joined together, more synergy effect occurred. We can make a more diverse majestic performance, and the biggest strong point is that our twelve members can tightly fill up the stage. Thanks to that aspect, I think our music is able to gain more love” (Chanyeol)

◆ Twelve family members ‘global family’ under one roof

The twelve members of EXO have leaped over ‘nationality’s wall’ and became a family. Their lifestyle that has their warmth is making the group EXO’s fantastic breathing. (t/n: when they say breathing, they mean like keeping in step with one another)

“Because our twelve members are living all together, we really are living like a family. Especially leader Suho is our team’s mom. He’s always next to us thriftily taking care of us. The father role is Kris who has a manly personality. And another reason is because he’s tall…. haha” (Chanyeol)

The twelve members who grew up in different backgrounds, see each other’s different sides while living together. EXO chose member Xiumin as the most diligent and member Tao as most unique.

“Woomin (t/n: Xiumin without the Xi) usually wakes up two hours before a schedule and prepares. I wake up at the sound of Woomin washing and putting on toner. Also Tao is the most unique amongst our members. Should I say he’s four dimensional? He calls himself Dracula and drinks watermelon juice instead of blood. Besides this he also does a lot of fun actions like ‘kind Tao’ and ‘bad Tao’, ‘boy Tao’ and ‘girl Tao.’ Haha” (Kai)

(This is the first time I have heard of this! Tao?! That’s really cute. A maknae acts his age after all!)

One of the reasons why many of the members were able to get along with one another is because they overcame the ‘obstacle of language.’ EXO’s Chinese members (Kris, Luhan, Tao, Lay) are all proficient in Korean. Especially Kris is proficient in four languages and gathered attention.

“It’s not that I was interested in languages since I was young. When I was young I was born in China and lived there for ten years before moving to Canada. I lived in Canada for ten years. Thanks to it I became proficient in four languages: Korean, English, Mandarin, and Cantonese. I am thankful to my parents (laughter)” (Kris)

◆ Korea and China, grab ‘two rabbits’ (t/n: that saying is similar to ‘killing two birds with one stone’)

The first official album ‘XOXO (Kiss&Hug) that was released in Korean and Chinese has a total of 24 songs. The title song ‘Wolf and Beauty(Wolf)’ is a dance song with a collaboration of dub step and hip hop and tells the unique story of a wolf meeting a girl and feeling love’s emotion.



They especially put in twice as much effort than others in order to grab the two rabbits that are Korea and China. The result of that is EXO reformed as a serious ‘skilled singer’ and not a common ‘visual singer.’

“Because this album has two versions of Korean and Chinese, we had to master two types of choreography parts for performances. We had a lot of amount of practice compared to others. Thanks to it, we haven’t made a mistake on stage once” (Chen)

“Because of the language it was a bit difficult. Especially the Korean members suffered a lot because the Chinese pronunciation is hard. We put in our biggest effort to make it not seem awkward when a Chinese person listened to it” (Baekhyun)

Also, while going back and forth from Korea and China, EXO who is steering the Hallyu craze, has stood on stage with a lot of senior singers on international stages and is a reliable group that has seen and learned a lot.

“While doing overseas performances, we meet a lot of big seniors. I’m so happy that we could perform with a senior that I had respected, and above all else there is so much to learn. We study a lot from seeing our seniors’ performances. They also give us a lot of advice” (Suho)

(Exo works twice as hard as the other groups. They had to perform two sets of performance for two different but similar audiences. One Korean and the other Mandarin, and had to travel back and forth during their promotion. Not to mention the international fans they managed to gain. They are not just faces but also skillers (meaning they have skills that are killers), a sure way to win a fangirls’ attention and affection.)

◆ “We want to become a group that has a long life like a Zelkova tree”

The Zelkova tree is a tree that easily lives over 300 years once it lets down its roots and is also the tree that symbolizes prosperity and development in our country. Like the Zelkova tree, EXO wants to become the group with the longest life informing Korea’s status and always remaining near their fans’ side.

“Our team’s biggest goal is to become the group with the longest life. And we want to do a world tour for sure. Like SHINHWA seniors right now, we want to be a team that lives for 15 years, 20 years and remains by our fans’ sides for a long, long time!” (All of EXO)

EXO, who is currently solidifying their positions while traveling not only Korea and China, but other countries as well, is running towards a better tomorrow with their unending passion and challenge. We’re anticipating how EXO, who returned as a ‘whole,’ will be like in the future.


source: Asia Kyungjae (
translation cr; nahbit @ exok-trans


“Take that rage, put it on a page. Take the page to the stage. Blow the roof off the place.” -The Script

I finally got around to posting this interview after what seems like a long time. I make it a point to read when I am in full control not when I am pressured and competing with the time. It feels a lot more peaceful and I can absorb more off the text if I am in the mood to read. It goes the same with writing and among other things also with thinking deeply.

It says ‘Little Wolves’ as it pertains to them being fresh in the industry. Still not mature alien wolves but more like pups. We can clearly see them working hard and that sincere appreciation of all the blessing that come their way. I wish that they would still be down to earth when they stand in front of everyone with all their dreams within their grasps and be the successful and renowned group that they aspire to be, inspiring millions of fans around the world.

exo featured in sports world

Exo featured in sports world

JUNE 24, 2013

‘Storm Growth’ EXO, Wolves’ Outcry “We Still Have a Way to Go”

The twelve wolves spread their wings on stage. They are men who captured the public’s gaze with their strong and rough charisma like a roaring wolf. We are talking about EXO that is split into six members each to promote in both Korea and China.
EXO, who made a challenge to the music world last year from SM Entertainment, started promotions with twelve members with their official first album title song ‘Wolf and Beauty.’ Could it be because the strength that was branched off joined back together as one? One year after debut they gathered a big growth. There was a pre-order of three hundred thousand albums in the record market that was going through a recession, and they adorned the Triple Crown by winning first place on the three major broadcast music shows. Not only that but thanks to the overflowing love from the fans, when they appeared on KBS 2FM ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,’ they led the listeners’ explosive reaction to a situation where their server went down for the first time.

What is EXO’s charm? eNEWS met them in person and they were full of a devilish something that makes one fall for them. Not petty idols who give out model-like answers but they were twelve wolves with a twist from their carefreeness.

First off they gathered gazes with their attractively tall appearances. On top of that, they told stories with their wit-filled words, showing their charms throughout the short time. Sometimes they seem like prankster boys but they also showed a form of a passionate man overfilling with ambition.” Starting from innocence with “We ate hanwoo meat to our hearts’ content thank to placing first place” to serious sides with “We still have a long way to go,” eNEWS investigated EXO who have a variety of different faces. kristumblr_movsxqN7Sl1swm97xo2_500

(I actually doubt they were referring to everyone when they said ‘with their attractively tall appearance…’ I was thinking more of the fact that Kris’ would be the first person their eyes would set upon. He’s attractive that way, uri Duizhang)

▶Next is a series of interview questions and answers from EXO

-You guys got first place one year after debuting. It is a shining growth for EXO, so I think your thoughts would be different than others. Especially the fact that invisible tears were spilt became a hot topic.

“Our practice time up to the album release was a long time but we also were nominated for first place. While I was anxious wondering if we would be awarded the trophy or not, the moment they called first place ‘EXO,’ the past times till then passed me in a flash. I instantly met gazes with the EXO members and then my tears fell. Because I was shaking so much, I wasn’t able to say the words that I needed to but kept repeating my thanks to my parents, CEO Lee Sooman, and the members over and over again (laughter). Because it was an overwhelming moment and my heart was full, I wanted to cry, but because I had to express my thoughts, I tried to keep my tears in (laughter). Thanks to that, amongst the fans, the invisible tears became a speaker.” (Suho)

-I think you guys wouldn’t be able to just spend the day away because of your emotional hearts from first place.

“Because we had practice the next day, we played by taking pictures and celebrating amongst ourselves.” (Baekhyun)

“We ate black bean noodles that were quite nice and beef (laughter). Our leader Suho hyung said he would pay so he even took his card but because we celebrated with over thirty people, our manager hyung payed. Sadly, Suho hyung only paid for the drinks (laughter). Next time we get first place, I think hyung will buy it.” (Chanyeol)

(I noticed that Suho is really generous. Of the many things SM could have prepped them for, being this caring and generous is probably self-taught.)

-Were there any other words after you won first place from Chairman Lee Sooman?

“He contacted us saying really congratulations, and he also said although we got first place, to always be humble.” (Chen)

Some members during a fansigning. A cake well deserved after a day's work!

Some members during a fansigning. A cake well deserved after a day’s work!

-I think this year is EXO’s year. Aren’t you piling a lot of records although it’s your first official album?

(Wow. I knew they could do it. I mentioned it briefly in one of my post in the past, (EXO) A Named Star as a Gift. Crazy, But True, It was definitely worth the wait!)

“Thank you for seeing it like that. I think we really were a bit lucky. Although our hiatus period was quite long, we worked that much harder on this album, and we put in our heart and soul. I think because they recognize those aspects, we are able to raise numerous records.” (Suho)

“I think we were able to get a good result from this album because the fans’ interests were as high as we have an attachment to the other songs and performance in this album. We’re really thankful that as soon as comeback news came out, there were a lot of talks about it.” (Lay)

“After the release, for one week we recorded 118,000 CDs on the Hanteo charts. On KBS 2FM ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio,’ the listener board was down and there were over one hundred thousand posts posted. When I see things like this, I think that our reaction must be hot (laughter).” (Xiumin)

“Like the hyungs said before, I think we were really lucky. I think it’s the result of not only domestic fans but overseas fans, especially the Chinese fans that love EXO, supporting us.” (Kai)

-You guys promoted with six members and are now promoting with twelve members. I think there would be more good aspects but if you had to pick, in which aspect did you feel discomfort?

“First, a strong point is that although with six members, the performance on stage was fancy, with twelve members we are able to show a more closely packed form. If I had to pick an uncomfortable aspect, I think it would be when we wash up (laughter). We have five rooms and two bathrooms but when we get ready, we end up using two-three people to a bathroom. That aspect seems like a negative point but even that is happiness (laughter).” (Baekhyun)

“Because we have a lot of members, even we think that it’d be a bit hard to control us (laughter). We split into two cars to get around and even though in these living aspects there might be discomfort, because we are twelve members, we gain more strength, have more fun, and the days we stand on stage, our hearts always flutter.” (Chanyeol)

“Because we’re twelve members, when we’re doing our own schedules, it’s a bit tough and also when we’re working together with twelve members, there are some hard aspects in living. However, thanks to it, our twelve members were able to release our first album so there are nicer aspects.” (Kai)

exo ot12 ...

-I’m curious as to how you use your rooms with four managers, 16 people living together.

“The manager hyungs arranged the rooms. I (Chanyeol) Baekhyun Tao Xiumin, the four of us use the biggest room, and Luhan D.O Sehun uses another room. And Kai Chen Suho together uses a room while Kris hyung and manager, Lay hyung and manager use a room like this. We have five rooms and two bathrooms but like we said before, when we wash up, there are times when two-three members wash up together.” (Chanyeol)

-In the title song ‘Wolf and Beauty,’ what type of EXO’s charm can we see in the song?

“Because it’s a wolf concept, this style is to strut the stage as if possessed by a strong creature like a wolf. I think our charm is that although we’re like that, when we’re not on stage we have a puppy like form.” (Chanyeol)

(They admit to the fact that they look more like puppies! Kudos to you EXO. he-he)

exo the beauty and the wolf“Starting from when I first heard the song, I thought ‘This is the song!’ We debuted first with the song MAMA and a lot of people were interested because of the grand and strong performance at the time. Because of that, during the time of comeback after one year, while we were wondering how we should bring about EXO’s strong point of performance, the song we met was ‘Wolf and Beauty.’ The song itself was fresh and because it’s a performance-based song, I thought we’d be able to embody it with our individuality.” (Suho)

“The song was fresh and the choreography that matched it was fresh as well. Especially because this song’s genre is a type that not a lot of people have tried so I thought we’d be able to nicely save our individuality and went on stage, the reaction was really good too.” (D.O)
“When we sing, because we have twelve members, our parts are limited but for choreography there is no limit and we can express the members’ intensity. I think it is a song where one can look at EXO’s choreography and without pointing out a specific member, the individuality is shown, and us twelve’s color is shown well.” (Chen)

(The choreography is fair for each member of the group. Fair amount of time was given to each one to be on center stage in accordance with their lines in the song. Their dance choreo also shows uniformity just like in MAMA but with less ‘favouritism’.)

-What does EXO do in everyday life? If you had a hobby …

“Because the place we live is close to the Han river, we go there often to bike ride or play basketball. We like playing soccer and badminton as well and we also go shopping by ourselves at night too.” (Xiumin)
“We like to go to the gym or exercising but there are also times where we simply spend time by riding bikes by ourselves. Whatever we do, its fun when we’re together.” (Chen)
“On the weekends when there are no schedules, we occasionally cook but recently because we’re together as twelve members, there are more times where we go out to eat or order food.” (Kris)

-I’m curious of the members’ ideal types. (Naturally, they would include this for almost every girl in the fandom is curious about this)
“I like a person with pretty eyes. A person with eyes that are clear and pretty that I can only see their eyes is my ideal type.” (Chen)
“I like Miranda Kerr. She came to our country this time but because I wasn’t able to meet her I was sad (laughter).” (Sehun)
“I like the style that is cute and round, and not too skinny.” (Baekhyun)
“Looking far, the person must have similar music taste as me and a person who has a similar gag code and can speak well is my ideal type. These days I haven’t talked to a girl so it’s hard to really exactly pick someone but in terms of foreign actresses, Scarlett Johansson is my foreign ideal type.” (Chanyeol)
“A woman that is as beautiful as an angel is my ideal type (laughter).” (Kris)
“There’s no thing called falling in love at first sight but while meeting, I like a person that can relate with me.” (Xiumin)
“I like a girl who has long hair and has knowledge in Literature. I like a girl who although her image is pure, her personality is unruly (laughter).” (Suho)
“First off a kind girl is my ideal type and I think I’d like it more if her face was also small and pretty (laughter).” (Lay)
“Although externally I like long hair style, quiet, and a white skin toned girl, I think the most important part is someone who can relate with me.” (Luhan)
“I like a girl who smiles well and her smile is pretty. In terms of foreign actresses, Amanda Seyfried is close to my ideal type.” (D.O)

exo chibi fanaart
-To where is EXO’s goal for this year planned.

“This year I want to receive a good and big award (laughter).” (Kris)
“Because we received the rookie award last year, this year we set a goal that is a little bit better. This year we want to stand at a place that is a little bit higher than the rookie award, next year a solo concert, and three years from now I want to do an Asian tour. Although seeing the seniors do world tours, it’s cool, for now we set our goal like this.” (Suho)
“And our final goal is to become Korean and China’s icon. I want to work hard so that the phrase of having no end matches well with EXO.” (Chanyeol)
“Perhaps it’s because after we finished promotions for our single ‘MAMA’ and then had a comeback after a long time, but I missed the stage. I’m so happy right now and it’s more fun because it is the first time our twelve members are officially promoting in Korea.” (Kai)
“Rather than doing a comeback, I want to work harder and not lose the heart of when we were rookies and receive acknowledgement.” (Chen)

source: eNEWS
translation credit: nahbit @ exok-trans


And when most of us thought that it couldn’t get any better for exo after their comeback nearly a month ago, they have proven us again all wrong. Or if I may say, fans have proven antis wrong.

With the triple crown in tow, they again placed first in MBC Show Champion! Eunjung of T-ara and Amber of F(x) were the hosts at that time when EXO won their fourth award. I bet many fans were wishing they were Amber at that time!

I really respect Amber a lot. And since EXO is in the same company as her, it’s only natural for her to feel proud of EXO and I was surprised and smiling a lot when she came over the boys, congratulated them and just pulled them over for a hug just like they were old friends. (I can’t find the gif when d.o and amber hugged. I liked that one! What with kyungsoo brimming with happiness and amber being a proud senior.)

During their winning speech, I read somewhere that Lay apologized for his performance because he was injured. It was real nice of him to still think of their fans despite of that injury, but I think that he should really take more care of himself. Their schedule is going to be more packed from now on and it would be bad if he still hurts.

Here’s pictures of them during MBC Show Champion: (click pics for better view)

(Cr: to the rightful owners; and as watermarked)

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xoxo @ show champion lay

Zhang Yixing.
@ MBC Show Champion on EXO’s Fourth WIn

I have never seen Tao smile like that before. Gone was the shy and innocent smile he used to give and it was replaced by that full blown sweet smile of victory when he was holding their trophy. That smile is clearly not for the camera itself. It was something spontaneous and a scrapbook-worthy moment of Huangzi Tao.

Out of all the pictures of EXO and each member on stage, I saw this picture of Lay holding their trophy commemorating their fourth win. And I was not prepared with what I felt.

It was the most emotional and heart-tugging picture I have seen during their appearance on Show Champion after comeback. Lay was not crying in this picture, but I was almost in tears when I really looked at this image of him holding the trophy and thinking as if this was why all his sacrifices and his pains were worth it. And I know for certain, Lay was one of my role models now and it’s totally different from having a bias in exo.

(I don’t have a bias in exo, I see them all differently, and I love them all in their own unique personalities)


EXO has been busy this past few days and I am hardly keeping up with their tight schedule since I also have school! But from what I saw, read and heard, they were appearing on Radio Shows a lot! And unfortunately, still no sign of the drama version of Wolf.

June 16, 2013 –  KBS Cool FM Hong Jin Kyung’s 2PM Radio

If I remember correctly, EXO-K also appeared on this show back when they are still promoting ‘Mama’. And this time, Kris and Lay were the ones with some of the members of EXOk. (click pics for better view)

June 18, 2013 –  SBS-R POWER FM Choi Hwa-Jung’s Power Time

They are wearing RED! I think that’s all I can say on this one. I want to watch with english subs but I don’t know if there is already one.

I don’t know what got into me when I downloaded the whole interview but w/o the subs. I wanted to see them and so I saw them, but I don’t understand a thing they’re saying except ‘yes’. :D

June 20, 2013 – Arirang-R Sound K ‘AN’R

And if you are going to check out the video, no need for english subtitles since most of the show was in English already. Chen and Baekhyun sang Just Once Live in this show. Chen is getting good in his English pronunciation! Baek, Chen, Suho, and Kris were the only ones who attended wearing their army outfits.

June 21, 2013 –  KBS Cool FM Yoo In Na’s Volume Up

In which I had the shock of my life! Yaoi alert for all of you! :’DD
Yesterday, I was checking my stats and I saw that one of the search terms was ‘exo members kissing’, and I never thought much of it. But today, I saw these pictures uploaded in not only one but several fb pages of exo!

Xiumin single-handedly (and successfully) ruined all OTPs in one show, Yeah! The power of the eldest for the win!

I can’t even look at these pictures with a straight face. I laugh, I cringe, I smile a lot and sigh. And some of those pics made me feel embarrassed. That EXO kissing photo is supposed to be a reward for Xiumin who won in the XO survival game in Yoo In Na’s radio show. The host said that the members have to kiss Xiumin’s face lovingly and then take a picture as proof and Xiumin was saying how can this be a present! :D

Everybody is kissing Xiumin or pretending that they are about to, and then there’s Chen … “Kiss the wolf” (forever trolling)
(click pics for better view)

The maknae line goes for the mouth, everybody else goes for the cheek and Chen’s hand goes for the lips. NOTED (Tiff Lam) And Kai for the neck. Lol

I really can’t forget Luhan’s kiss to Xiumin! It looks like they’re really comfortable. Sehun at the back don’t even look at their direction, and Baekhyun was like “Dude, that’s not Sehun!”
What if all of them kisses Luhan or Kris, I wonder how I would react. Shocked maybe.


EXO is bringing this on a whole new level of shipping! I can’t wait to see my friends’ edited pictures with the members kissing them. Haha!

Brace yourselves, it’s Photoshop time!




We’re Back. We Performed.  We Promoted. We Won. We Cried. We Thank YouWe are EXO and WE ARE ONE! 

(I had a little help with that from astrid, an admin from baekhyun’s fb page.)
‘When the mind wills it to happen, the body follows it unconditionally’. I am currently having a kind of seizure right now trying to prove that saying wrong. =D As the battle between the mind and body continues, I will keep doing my best. And it seems like I wasn’t the only one putting out their best out there! EXO is doing it too!

otps chanbaekkris

Receiving those three awards, it’s a huge leap from being rookies to being a recognized and respected artists. When I was typing that, I was actually thinking of Neil Armstrong’s famous line, “”That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind”, which was odd, and because we were  informed that exo is from another planet I had had suspicions. Did they possibly come from the moon? He-he. Poof. And I imagine the one reading this go like, ‘Wut’?

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Every free time I got, I listen to their songs. I don’t even understand the lyrics but I liked their voices. I particularly liked their song “Don’t Go (Kor. version)” which made me think about how nice would it be if I could sing a song as a gift for someone I really like and made him/her feel the same way I was feeling when listening to that song. In short, I was DAYDREAMING, a lot! =D

Oh and one last note about their songs in this post, “My Lady”, according to D.O is about a boy who wishes that the girl could see him as a guy and not just a friend.
(Taeyang comes to mind and his song Wedding Dress XD )

EXO Achieves Wins on Three Broadcast Stations

Receiving the new nickname of ‘scary rookies,’ EXO achieved wins on all three basic cable broadcast stations.
On June 16, EXO won number one with Wolf on SBS’ Inkigayo, its third win after June 14’s win on KBS’ Music Bank and June 15’s MBC’s Music Core.
The feat comes only after the group’s second week of promotions for Wolf, showcasing EXO’s growing popularity, which doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.
For Inkigayo, EXO achieved the least amount of points for music downloads and streaming on music sites compared to the other candidates, but managed to pull a win with the love of fans, receiving an overwhelming amount of pre-broadcast voting, SNS, and text voting during the broadcast.

EXO’s first album, XOXO also topped Billboard’s World Album Charts.

cr: via: @EXOfficial
Photo Credit: SBS
Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment
Portal E-news World, All Rights Reserved.

This interview is kind of amusing in so many ways. One thing is Kris‘ usual English ‘stuff’, then there’s Chanyeol with his deh-deh-deh, and people are commenting when Suho became Chanyeol part. THAT caption was probably for his (Chanyeol’s) relentless ‘deh, deh’ =D

P.S: Chanyeol don’t pretend you understand Kris’ English. I don’t even understand it at times XD!


– Rue

EXO visits China and they not only get the fan’s warm welcome but they also got into an interview with TenCent. I like the MC of this interview, especially the way he calls them little wolves and is quite aware of the fact that they have the Mama and Baba Wolf. It’s cute!

What to see here? Hmm
First I noticed that some of them changed their ‘titles’. Introductions are essential so fans’ll remember them, but to us ‎it’s just a routine we get to see every time they appear somewhere.

Baekhyun is still the ‘eyeliner’ boy in exo’s dictionary but it’s refreshing to see him without them most of the time. Lay is sticking to his super powers, the healing unicorn, though I figured he’d be the dancing machine of exo-m to chinese fans. D.O  and Suho seems to have exchanged positions! Kyungsoo, you’re supposed to be the ‘Mama’ but Suho claimed the role as equal to being a leader and dubbed Kris as the ‘Baba’ who only recently discovered this.ex xoxo

Xiumin. Hardly a baozi anymore when it comes to his appearance, but still a ‘bun’ at heart, a baozi with muscles and can win at arm wrestling with only two fingers. Chen took Boom’s advice at heart and adapted his nickname Chen-Chen with that intonation as if a bgm to his intro. When did Tao stop using his “Romantic Kungfu Panda’ title and started going by ‘AB Style’? That’s quite a transition Taozi!

Sehun mentioned in their first visit to Sukira (only Exo-k) that his favorite song is Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’, which probably led to his new catchy nickname “Baby” with him being the maknae, and might I just add that probably because they also have a song with the title Baby (And his favorite too?). Anyhow, it suits him just the same.
Kai, I was hoping he’d say, ‘Your dancing machine Kai’, then squinting his eyes and smiling.luhan wolf .

The funny part to me was when Luhan and Chanyeol introduced themselves as ”Exo’s most cheerful” and the ”Baby Wolf” respectively. It’s like D.O and Suho all over again! In my opinion, it should be the other way around with these two. They see themselves a little differently compared to what we see. Channie’s still the happy virus even if he’s a wolf or not and Lulu should be the baby wolf, just take a look at my previous post Luhan As A Wolf and you’ll know what I mean!

Just so they know, we are CRAVING for the drama version of Wolf, and personally I keep scouring the web for any signs of it or even a hint of the date it is to be released. They themselves won’t tell! -0-

Suho mentioned ‘Black Pearl’ and Pirates of the Caribbean in the same sentence which got me feeling smug about my ‘pirate’ theory over here. If he gets the vibe of a pirate, I am reminded of pirates and ships when I hear the song especially when the Lyrics talk about  ‘a map’, ‘voyage’, ‘harnessing the wind’ and even ‘azure blue ocean’. And it doesn’t surprise me that there is a GIRL. Most of the songs in K-pop have this. It is always about a girl. *sigh*

not when it comes to aegyo. he is an expert!

not when it comes to aegyo. he is an expert!

And as if I could EVER forget their aegyos! Duizhang’s laugh made me laugh =D Kris‘ unwilling mai meng, you wouldn’t think he doesn’t really want to do it cause of his expertise (or maybe he never really knew how cute he is!).

On a completely different note, Tao is definitely a Papa’s Boy! :

Baekhyun: Even though everyone is staying in their own rooms, the end result will still be 2-3 people sleeping together, so if you are by yourself it is a little lonely, because we are all like family

Suho: Every night, everyone will come find me

MC: Will you be sleeping and then in the middle of the night you will hear knocking and someone will want to sleep with you?

Tao: No, because we also have our Dad here ~





Yesterday, EXO came back. Yap. They performed live in M Countdown with their new song ”Wolf” (Oolf)
After all that anticipation, Exo gave it all. The game is over, no more trolling, rumors of comeback, and stuff that’s driving us insane.
According to Shindong, it was the best performance of 2013. See for yourself!

I didn’t get the chance to watch it via live streaming due to my faulty internet connection. But I must say, I spent my time wisely during the time I was waiting for MNET to upload the videos including the comeback performance of EXO. I slept all through it. I can’t believe it either! All that excitement from the rest of the fans and I managed to sleep through, it was a feat itself.

After pressing F5 a couple of times and nearly dozing off again, the music video of their song ‘Wolf’ finally came out. I downloaded it, prepared myself mentally and physically, then hit play.

As the same with their previous music videos, naturally, there were two versions, Chinese and Korean. What was surprising in their song was the fact that all of them actually sang Chinese and Korean. Well no one can say they didn’t work hard for this.

exo -te reason why exo sings it as oolf CR - owner ; Via - EXO-plosion

In the mv teaser -Krishan, while in the actual mv -Hunhan. SM is playing a dangerous game =)
I am still eagerly waiting for the continuation of the storyline from the teaser though. I was expecting the story to unfold in the actual MV but I guess SM has other plans.

The choreography is fantastic. The tree of life. Genius! Moreover, each of them were given equal (if not, then fair) amount of time to be on center stage and lines in the song. It’s nice to see Xiumin finally flaunting his singing skills.

The four main vocals Chen, Baek, DO, Luhan, are as amazing as ever, or if possible even more so. Hitting the notes perfectly. (Though it’s the first three that did most of the singing)
Kai seems to be the counterpart of Tao in the MV (korean x chinese) when they both leave claw marks in the screen. And Kai, raised by wolves? Ohkai.

My favorite part,  in the Korean version is during Xiumin, Lay and Tao’s part and Lay, Kai and Suho’s in the Chinese. I dunno, I just like the rapping part I guess.

After M! Countdown. EXO -- in Sukira.

After M! Countdown.
EXO — in Sukira.

I saw some videos but they still don’t have English subs. I’d like to go into details but I think I just ought to wait until a subbed version comes out.
But some memorable moments (even w/o subs) are worth mentioning. It seems more interesting to watch without english subs too, cause everything seems so funny that way =D

EXO’s talents. As far as I know, Chen’s singing. Luhan’s voice imitation (a duck? supposedly a baby duck). Lay’s voice imitation is hilarious! Except, I didn’t understand what he was saying but he looks like he’s having fun. Kai’s “spongebob”. Baekhyun’s gwiyomi. And D.O sang ‘Billionaire’.

baby don't cry tonight. ;)

baby don’t cry tonight.

Lay’s priceless moment, winning as the best wolf! But, spacing out and he thinking that it was Tao who won while he was clapping innocently. Unsurprisingly, Yixing is creeping up the bias lists of most of the fans.

Sehun tearing up while giving his message and Luhan trying not to (he misses his parents). It was heartbreaking. But I was smiling like an idiot despite it all. I’m happy. They have come this far and still enduring.


I’ll borrow this precious time to say what I want to say to my members.

Shall we go from the maknae? our maknae Sehunnie, you’ve grown a lot. It seems like only yesterday i first saw you. At the time, you were shorter than me (sigh). Hyung feels warm that you’ve grown this much. I love you.

And Tao, who trusts and loves me. On stage, every time you turn and turn, I get proud of you. Thank you for relying so much on me. I love you.

Kai who introduced me to his parents as his mentor. Your loveliness will get through to the world. You know my heart, right? I love you.

And D.O. who secretly takes care of me a lot, I’m going to get jealous if you only play with Ryeowook hyung. I love you.

Baekhyun, who pretends to be the oldest so often. Every day, you tell me it’s a way to show your love …. but … I’ll believe you. I really love the nape of your neck. I love you.

Chen, who says he respects me. Whenever I hear your high notes, I feel like electricity runs through my body. You’re the best, Chen. I love you.

Chanyeol, who I feel bad for rebuking so much before debut. I like that you seem more mature after promoting with exo and exo-m. In the future, I will hold you and expect good things from you. I love you.

To Lay who is too kind, I get worried for your health because you’re always composing and practicing so late. I must buy you health drinks at least. I love you.

Luhannie and Xiumin who are a strength to me. I’m always grateful that you listen to the problems I can’t tell my dongsaengs. I love you.

And lastly, Kris. If I’m the mother of Exo, you’re the father right? Hee. Hwaiting, let’s do well. I love you.

Now that I write to our members, I feel like i’m getting healed. The members that I love, with today as the beginning, for our promotion period, there will surely be a lot of both good and bad things. But let’s multiply the good by twelve and divide the sad by twelve, and get through it well. Because we are Exo. Thank you for always believing in me as your leader. Exo, let’s love!

And finally to the fans. The fans who have waited us for so long – we also to the extent you wanted to see us, no even more, we missed you. Us Exo, with this album, we prepared hard with you in mind. From today, we will show you a lot of different sides to us, so please expect a lot from us! Thank you.

(- 130530 sukira, translated by stanningotps.)

KBS has confirmed that EXO’s appearance at KissTheRadio (last night)
has reached highest view,most listened and audiences in its history



Fandom = The place where everything gets leaked, being trolled & lots of rumor going around (cr: to rightful owner)

I love chibi art. It makes them look so squishy and cute!

I love chibi art.
It makes them look so squishy and cute!

The teaser era has finally come to its peak! After releasing tons of pictures, leaked songs and dance practice videos, they finally made it to release Teaser Videos.

What I want to say is that, I was not in the ‘first wave’ of people who got wind of the news that EXO Video Teasers Part Two was released or made public, since it was uploaded already but it was kept on private which some clever fans found out by ‘research’ –pretty smart these gals are.

As I was saying in one of my posts, Guys are literally like wolves .. and here we go ..

Luhan and Kai seems to be fighting over a gull. A lucky gull I might add. Which constitutes to their aggressive behavior towards one another. Though that was just looking at it from one point of view. Some people are wondering how Kris fits to all of this since he seemed like someone relevant to the plot.

This reminds me a LOT about Jacob Black. I see a lot of Twilight in EXO’s new concept which I was not really searching for on purpose but it just pops in my head from time to time. Werewolves in twilight love for life. They imprint. They find their soulmates like that. I wonder if that’s the same for exo-wolves ;)

Luhan and Kris


And this part just makes a lot of people wonder about Kris and what his part really is.

Funny and Outrageous Theories pop up once in a while:

-It’s K.Will’s MV all over again. Lulu wants Kai, Kris wants Lulu. Everyone wants Lulu. (Funniest! :D)

–Kris likes Luhan, but Luhan likes the girl

–There was a part where I think it might be Kris with the girl on the phone, calling up Kai and Luhan telling them to choose (?) either the pack or the girl. So I guess kris is the bad guy in the MV, and Luhan throws the photo in frustration

–Kris and Luhan are friends. Kris knows Luhan likes that girl, but she is actually Kai’s girl. Kris told Kai that Luhan likes his girlfriend which resulted to ending their friendship and fighting each other.

–Maybe the girl is Kris’ sister, and she got dragged in between Kai and Luhan’s fight so he’s pissed at Lulu cause they’re good friends and he told him to keep her out of that and Lulu didn’t listen to him

-It’s like Twilight. Except everybody here are wolves es and there are no vampires (aww) and they’re all fighting, all getting into this complicated mess just because of 1 girl.

Cr: to all the owners/writers/authors

I read at about Kris sniffing the handkerchief (apparently, wolves do that to track their scent); and I saw a comment on facebook that maybe a knife or something is wrapped inside the red cloth. I was shocked, cause all along since I had watched the video, holy krisus (!) I thought it was an umbrella! Judging by the fold in the left side, it looks like an umbrella to me.

But who knows, for all we know Kris might be just bringing the red cloth along thinking it might suit his son Ace (as a scarf). I, for one do not like the color red at first, but some of my friend told me I look good in red. Unknowingly, okay maybe I know a little, I always wear red shirts whenever I’m out. Funny how the mind works huh.

Anyway, you can’t miss the wushu guy out there. Tao’s fighting and his kicks. Kai and Luhan’s acting skills. And the Kiss part where most of the gulls in this crazy fandom seem to take interest in commenting or having something to say.

the girl looks amazing by the way

the girl looks amazing by the way

DO laugh at your fail

GUYS. Do you still remember the teaser photo of D.O? Where he’s lifting a chair? Do you have any idea why he’s lifting that chair?
After the MV teaser 2 is released, I think I know why.  (Cr: Admin L)

We now know why thanks for pointing that out L :D He’s mad at Kai for the kissing scene.

And unfortunately, due to the members constant exposure to wolf training (I call it that cause I know they’ve practiced behaving and acting like a wolf for the mv) they seem to have brought it with them even outside the set.

Chanyeol and his wolfish tendencies:
krisyeol wolf bite

Poor Kris seems to be the victim. Well, he’s not gonna turn into a wolf since he’s already one of them. So, good for you Ben Ben! :D

krisyeol wolf bite2

Let out the Beast! It’ll rip you from inside out.
Let Exo out or the fans’ll go mad.

Tomorrow’s THE day.




– Rue

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cr: SME facebook page



– Rue

xoxo exo tracklist


The tracklist for their 1st album has been released shortly after the teasers were out. Their schedules have already been made public. And their performance for their comeback stage which is undoubtedly highly anticipated, seeing the response to their mv teaser, is drawing near!

Ten tracks. Kiss (Korean) and Hug (Mandarin) version.
I was a bit disappointed that ‘Lightsaber’/’Time Control’ was not among the tracks under their first album. I really liked those songs and the dance moves by Luhan and Kai – the visuals of Exo. I have seen some groups -I won’t mention names- who have their own visuals that almost do nothing except smile for the cameras and look pretty. Seeing Kai and Luhan dance was one of the satisfaction that I have achieved by leaning on in this group. I think it just goes to show that they are more than just a pretty face and they got chosen because of their talent and hard work.

mv shots of exo

I was really surprised with the title ‘Peter Pan’ though. I think it was just coincidence that one of the fans who commented when they saw these MV shots said that Luhan looked like Peter Pan. And even I could see what they were talking about! The MV for this song is still not out seeing as their album hasn’t even hit the market yet. But I will be anticipating this so much!

‘Black Pearl’ is also sort of funny since basing it from the Pirate of the Caribbean movie,  it was the name of a ship. And here we are talking about the “boy who refuses to grow up” (PeterPan). Who, – in the fairy tales - lived in an island where the sea is with pirates!

Looking closely at Chanyeol, Kris and Kai, they could be very well be bloody pirates in those costumes! Ha-ha. I can’t figure Baekhyun yet, but maybe he’s one of the lost boys? ;)

Originally I decided that I wouldn’t talk about ‘fairy tales’ and my own floating thoughts about their mvs and songs but I changed my mind when I saw what their manage posted:

Peter Pan ?

Peter Pan

It got me curious again. Questions whirring inside my head. And realizing I will not be contented by just quietly waiting  for answers, I might as well share my thoughts on it.

I was mainly curious about the boy in the picture. Taking into consideration that Luhan has the only gray hair in the group which might make him stand out and different from the rest, I started guessing. What if he really is Peter Pan? Isn’t he too old for that? :D

It seemed to fit since Luhan never even looked his age! A Peter Pan, in the flesh.


Speaking of age, the real Peter Pan (Jeremy Sumpter is the one who played the character of Peter P.), is already this big? For the boy who never grew up, he has certainly taken maturity quite well.

jeremy sumpter, aka, peter pan

Anyway, back to the subject Exo. And why not? Right? They’re already hinting ‘fairy tales’ with “Wolf and Beauty”. Note that it can also be another phrase for “Beauty and the Beast.”

But maybe that’s just me being the hopeful Disney-crazed-and Book-dependent girl who still haven’t accepted the fact that she’s already grown up, and outgrowing still, the cartoons and fairy tales that once made her life almost magical.




– Rue

expectation and reality


These crazy oddballs are always being compared to animals or even likened to them. But it seemed that it not only involve their nickname but also their appearance and expressions.

Since when did Kris and Kai became a Panda? Before, Kai was a cat and Kris, a dragon.

Laughing-no-holds-barred like Sehun here! I wouldn’t be surprised if I looked the same as him.
I laugh really funny too. They say they also laugh cause it’s  infectious, but I can see that what they’re really laughing at was my face and my hilarious expression whenever I laugh!

sehun laugh



– Rue

EXO, transformed into wolf-boys.. Comeback stage at ‘M! Countdown! on the 30th of May.

EXO’s company SM Entertainment has revealed that they are planning to release a teaser video on the 23rd (which is today) showing EXO’s new appearance through SM Town’s homepage, EXO-K and EXO-M’s YouTube channel, Facebook, Naver portal site, EXO’s official NHN Line, Kakao Talk’s EXO Plus Friend, MelOn, Genie, Naver Music, etc.

960212_490773807663270_845346643_n Their title song ‘The Wolf and the Beauty (Wolf)’ is a dance track with a collaboration of dubstep and hip hop, and has a wild and powerful beat and sound. It has a detailed story telling reminiscence of a tale and witty lyrics which gives it a unique charm.

EXO is preparing a dynamic and extraordinary performance that is reminiscent of a musical with their powerful music, and they are determined to fascinate the music fans with their charismatic stage. (Source : Naver; Translated by Yixing_s @ SMent_EXO)


I can imagine the fangulls — Trembling. Crying. Spazzing. And maybe, Laughing!  Cause that’s me!

Excitement doesn’t necessarily come to me as hyperventilating and fits. It comes as laughter. The more excited I am, the more I laugh.

I know it’s ‘wolf’, but in some parts of the music video I can see vampires lurking around. It’s crazy! I think I’m seeing more Edward Cullen than Jacob Black!


It was worth the wait!
It’s a new stage alright. Definitely more powerful and fiercer!

Wolf” will feature musical elements from the dubstep and hip hop genres, resulting in an end product of a wild and remarkable sound. The group is due to perform on Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 30th, KBS2′s Music Bank on the 31st, MBC’s Show! Music Core on the 1st, and SBS’s Inkigayo on the 2nd. In addition, the tracklist to the new album was also released. Although previously announced to feature 12 tracks, the names of those songs are now available. Some titles include “Wolf,” the title track, “Black Pearl,” “Heart Attack,” and “Peter Pan.”

“XOXO” will be released on June 3rd.

Via: EXO Canada

The fandom strikes again! Brace yourselves. It has started! RLAB moments!


It became a hunting ground.

Captain Jack Sparrow must be furious! His ship was taken over by aliens.

Captain Jack Sparrow must be furious!
His ship was taken over by aliens!

Did you see that fierce Lu Han and Duizhang growling through your screen? YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! It was undeniably an epic moment!

I could not resist the urge to take snapshots!
Can I just say that LU HAN freakishly looked like KIM JAE JOONG when he growled in that teaser video! Deym!
(Click on pics for better view)



Kris: ferocious wolf
Suho: ferocious wolf
Kai: ferocious wolf
Luhan: ferocious wolf
Lay: ferocious wolf
Tao: ferocious wolf
Xiumin: ferocious wolf
Chen: ferocious wolf
Sehun: ferocious wolf
Chanyeol: ferocious wolf
D.O.: ferocious wol

Baekhyun: disdainful ghetto poodle

Source: mandarinorangesunset



– Rue

chibi art exo xoxo

I simply like this fan-art
It just felt right to be here.

I thought it’d be almost time for teaser videos to be uploaded but it seems that they haven’t yet gotten past the teaser photos.
After the first teasers in which they were posing as students in a school-yearbook type of setting, we see them next clad in sportswear in which I had the satisfaction to see the boys in a more natural setting.

I hope that they really got to play soccer afterwards which would have been a treat to the ‘manly’ Luhan and his best bud in soccer Baozi Xiumin (or/and Kai too probably)! These two resembles the sports-inspired-relationship of Tao and Kris. The only difference is the kind of ball game they play. Basketball for the two giants, and Soccer for the two eldest in EXO (I dare not say ‘the opposite of giants’) :D

Well guess what’s next in line!

exo forms exo!

exo forms exo!

The boys of exo forming exo. xoxo923494_542810239104299_620053707_nI would have loved to see them forming the heartshaped logo if given the chance

I’ve seen many versions of this Facebook. It would seem that after the Official pages of EXO releases those ‘black and white’ pictures, you wouldn’t even have to wait 5 minutes until you see the result of the creativeness of the fans. Poof! Colors and doodles! I love Photoshop. Never fails to crack me up every time I see those ridiculous photos of these boys.

Continuing to the next batch of pictures, the company released individual teaser photo of the twelve members. Each featuring quite colorful, random settings with different or should I say unique poses of each member.
Of course fans scrutinized every tiny detail in each picture, and look what these aspiring detectives got!

Click the picture/s to get a bigger and clearer view.

Kris really is handsome. But most of the time his intelligent and level-headed appearance seem to betray his actions. Who would take this man as a plushie-loving idol at first glance? Not even Trelawney can predict that!

I agree with L when she says, I don't think this fandom is normal anymore ..

I agree with L when she says, I don’t think this fandom is normal anymore ..

And what’s more is, I always find his pictures amusing. When he does runway shows in airports, shows his angry bird face and emits this ‘princely aura’ (I can almost see flowers around him and sparkles like bishounens does in anime), even when he collects too many plushies and adopts them as his own children. Or more recent is the one with him hoisting the vase in his right shoulder in Ceci Magazine and his ‘newly’ acquired nickname ben ben! It’s been really fun watching this guy!

Chen‘s picture reminds me of how I always fell asleep with books all around me, minus that very stylish outfit and the beanie. It’s because I wear big baggy shirts! I love Tao’s shoes (I would have preferred them white) and Lay’s jacket despite the fact that they probably won’t fit me. Luhan is just hopeless! Is he really 23 y/o? He looks just like a kid attempting to dress up like his favorite superhero. Xiumin must be happy, he’s with food or rather he deserves to be with one seeing how he struggled to look slimmer now.

This fandom is just .. daebak!

teaser - xiumin baozi style. just a whiff of fresh air up there

Teaser – xiumin baozi style.
just a whiff of fresh air up there

People who have all the time in their hands to do these kind of silly things makes it fun looking at these pictures. It is only until the agonizingly teaser era ends I hope. Ha-ha.

Exo-K Individual teasers: (Click on pictures)

Funny. I had a picture of myself with a pose like with Suho and I set it as my profile picture. One of my classmates taught me to do something other than that kind of  ‘mask’ you do with your hands.

Zoomed in. Stalk in

Zoomed in. Stalk in

It would look very difficult to do and would appear as if you’re twisting your arm to do it but the trick is within your fingers.
Chanyeol looks so young but still so tall in my mind ha-ha. One look at Sehun’s teaser pic and all I could stare at was his hair. Isn’t that a bit too much? He reminds me of a Hippocampi (from Percy Jackson – Sea of Monsters book) whose name was Rainbow. Still looks like a puppy, that Baekhyun, nothing’s changed much except for his hair and that glasses.

The fans took interest in Kai’s picture too much that they zoomed in on his watch and  his watch tells that it’s March 22 (12:04) –the day of the shoot. It doesn’t mean anything much, I guess it’s just something fans would want to talk about. As they say, Information is Power.

And finally my favorite. D.O enduring his life with the camera with pillow, paintings and chairs since 2012
do ` i see no difference

And yep! D.O is the one and only king of awkward poses.


Because flipping tables is too mainstream, chairs are the new trend!
he’s a bit attached to the chair, this kid :))
I love this DOrk!

Why on earth is he lifting a chair? I really don’t understand it as I also don’t get why Kris carried the vase on his shoulders on Ceci. They’re making them do weird stuff. It’s driving many people nuts. And belly aches! (too much laughing)

mcDOnald Kaifc

I really think SMent is a KAISOO shipper
Why would they put KFC and McDonald’s on one teaser photo?
Cause it’s mcDOnalds and KAIfc!
(RLAB – Roll like a ben ben)
cr: to owner; rozkers



– Rue



Ceci June issue. Kai’s section.

Attractive points: The guy with humour who is in charge of dance and being SEXY in EXO.
Introduce EXO in ten words: The twelve most powerful pretty boys in the entire universe! (T/N: 10 words in English too yayy!) Sub-topic: In the eyes of men, all the members look very handsome too.
Break time: Suho hyung seemed to be in deep thought, pondering about stuff the whole day. Chanyeol is always smiling, Baekhyun hyung with Chen hyung, and Sehun keep talking. And Kris hyung is behind them doing gags seriously. Luhan hyung is in the living room walking around back and forth. Xiumin hyung is at the side tidying things up. And Lay hyung who likes to enjoy time in a blur manner. And Tao is at the side looking at the mirror.
Favourite nicknames: Kim Kai, GGamjong (T/N: black jong), sky lark (T/N: jong dal sae)

Current wallpaper: For my hand phone, it is a picture of me and Luhan hyung when we were watching Man U FC vs. Chelsea FC. Approve shot taken when I was putting my thumbs up for Chelsea’s win. Same for our SNS background. On the SNS it says, “Chelsea won kekekeke”
Genes you are thankful for: Regarding Kim Jong In, this person as a whole is very satisfactory. It’s very difficult to find something about him that I don’t like. hu.
Even I feel that I look sexy when: After training in the practice room, when I look into the mirror after changing my sweat-drenched shirt. hu.
Ideal type: A woman who is as white as snow. Even if she is not the best in her field, I hope she is someone who has pride and passion.
How to confess: At the most unpredictable and unexpected timing, I would confess in the form of a surprise with a drawing. Very sudden. pa!
Anticipated reaction: I will try hard to not let her notice; I want to see her shocked face.
Confession that you want to receive: As long as it is sincere and heartfelt, even if it is just a sentence, it is also OK
Members’ secret: Apparently Kim Jongin’s skin underneath the clothes is really white and fair. And many people don’t know actually EXO back in EXOPLANET are also city kids.
Kai user manual: Don’t think that I look embarrassing when I’m watching Iron Man. Don’t disturb me when I’m sleeping. Of course, except when the delivery for fried chicken comes. When you are with me for a long time you will know that I’m a guy who is very easy to understand. I’m very innocent~ Activate. Though many people may not know, there’s still a little cuteness in me. As long as people love me, I’ll return the love that is twice of that amount!

ceci channie


Ceci June issue. Chanyeol’s section.

Attractive point: EXO’s infinite positivism and in charge of rap.
Break time: Choreographing with Kai, and rap, and practicing playing the guitar with D.O. Started to learn how to compose and write lyrics, and it seems very interesting. I have more things that I can showcase now and I feel very happy about it!
Thoughts on comeback: The thing I miss most are the fans and the stage. But the more I miss it, the more determined I become, rather than saying that I will do it diligently, I want to present a very complete stage performance.
Comeback hint: Forest, tree, caves.
Recent issue that warmed your heart: Not long ago we went to the home for charity work. Every time I go there my heart feels like as if it is electrified by the warmth, very blissful. And also I gained a precious chance to self-reflect.

Things you treasure: As a discerned shopper, the thing that I am most proud of is to get a good bargain and not regret after purchasing. My recent pride is the study desk that I bought. But the thing that I’m not so proud of is my room which became even narrower because of it.
Genes from parents: From my mum I got the positive energy, and from my dad I got the sentimental genes. After I turned 20, I could feel this even more. I love you all
Definition of being very “manly”: A man who is subtly strong in the midst of his gentleness. Like me, different from my cheeky appearance, like when I’m concentrating on playing an instrument or rapping, I’ll vaguely exude that manliness. Am I allowed to say this myself?
Unexpected benefit as an EXO member: The miracle whereby I am able to wake up without an alarm clock in the dorm despite being a sloth. My mum is very happy about this.
Ideal type: Someone whose frequency, humor and taste in music are the same as mine. I will be moved when I hear “I like that type of music too”.
If you were to confess: Play her favorite tune in a live house where there’s only the two of us, and give her a bouquet of flowers. Our love that became one because of music.
Chanyeol is: Meticulous, very mature after you know him, the closer you get the more mischievous he is, the more excited he gets the louder he is, very gentle to the person he likes.
Chanyeol user manual: When bored and if you talk to me, interesting stuff will happen. I like to nag~ As long as you are willing to speak, no matter where I’ll be like a jukebox and perform for you. Ah, for reference sake, I won’t pay.

ceci sehun


Ceci June issue. Sehun’s section.

Attractive point: EXO’s maknae, and because of it he has unknowingly become the aegyo in charge.
How is it like to be the maknae in a group of 12 guys: Received the love from hyungs. If I were to live again, I will still choose to be born as EXO’s maknae.
Banmal (informal language) TIME GAME: A while ago at the birthday party 10 minutes of the banmal TIME was given, at that time I plunged myself into the game and dashed straight through without thinking. But because I feel that if I continue on with this game I will no longer belong to this world, so I’m going to return into being a beautiful maknae.
If you can have more superpower: Ability to control feelings and emotions. Because to see people I love getting tired and hurt is really heart breaking.

Ideal type: The person who rushes to me first to help me apply medication when I get injured. (And Miranda Kerr ♥)
If you were to confess: Under the moonlight, setting fireworks by the seaside. After that I’ll hold her hands and say, “I can’t do without you. I love you, till I die.” Does it make you cringe? I think I’ll be able to say it better if I am a bit older.

Members’ secret: Suho can’t watch horror films. Although he always claims loudly that he can take horror movies, but he always goes online and manage to avoid eye contact in order to hide the truth.
Convenience store: Biscuits and chocolate, jelly at the counter is first choice!
If you were to steal a member’s ability: Baekhyun hyung’s humour, Kai hyung’s ability to hide his milky white skin under his clothes, Chanyeol hyung’s happy personality, D.O hyung’s beautiful smile, Suho hyung’s straight forwardness. But Suho hyung’s stiff body, nah, forget it(… Hyung, I’m joking.). If I were to steal them all I’ll be greedy, so even if I’m lacking, I will make do with my charms.
Thing you are concerned with recently: The struggle before I sleep and after I wake up! What clothes should I wear today so that I’d look good?
When I’m sexy: When I’m acting cool in front of the mirror with my bare face after I shower. Even if it is not sexy enough I think it’s quite handsome. Because I’m the only one who sees it..
Sehun’s three points: Often smiles, warm heart, collarbone.
Sehun user manual: If I’m very happy I am not able to control myself. So I’d be very thankful if you understand when I am very noisy. I will quieten down in no time. Because I’m O-blood type, I get hurt when I receive criticisms from many people all at once. Please guide me a lot in the future.



Ceci June issue. Suho’s section.

Attractive point: Sincere, leading the team with warm charms. I’m Suho.
Thoughts on comeback: New music, new performances, I want to showcase EXO to more people. Putting in efforts that are more than those who have waited patiently for us.
If you want any special powers: To be invisible. So I can go anywhere I want.
Airport photos are: My runway. At the airport, I walk while exerting force on my eyes. The photos of me with my eyes closed are funny.

Scary things in airport photos: The pimples that suddenly appear, with the help of DSLR lens. That day when I tried hiding with my hand, it was tedious enough defending indeed..

Managing differing opinions in EXO: Since predebut we already have a weekly meeting that is an hour long. We talk about things that we were unhappy about in the past week, the things that we feel that was a pity. When we have nothing to say, we’ll talk about the positive points of each member and express our gratitude and love.
EXO gathering: Not long ago, in lieu of our comeback, we had a support meat party and I prepared beef intestine (?). The kids who were growing up ate 2-3 servings on average. Maknae Sehun was running crazily here and there. Tao went home to change his clothes and came back to continue bbq-ing.
If 10 million dollars drop from the sky: Treat the boys to a meal. Just say it, kids, beef? Sushi?
Ideal type: Appearance wise, a girl who enjoys literature who has long straight hair, but on the inside, she is someone who is bright and lively. Because I’m manly, I need the complement/opposite.
Confession/proposing: At the crowded Myeongdong area, I’ll shout loudly, “I love you, please accept my feelings!” something like that.
In order for it to succeed: If she is someone I really love, I believe it will succeed no matter when, work to the hard.
If you are not an idol: Honestly, there won’t be anything tough or worrying. No matter where, no matter what I’m doing, as long as there is a clear goal and I work hard towards it, there will be good results.
As a leader, to the company: We will work hard. And members, saranghaja!
Suho user manual: Well done, well done, please praise me. Because compliments make Suho work harder and dance better!



Ceci June issue. Baekhyun’s section.

Attractive point: The multitalented main vocal who is the most suitable for drawing eyeliner in EXO-K.
6th of May (day of interview), it’s your birthday, how are you feeling?: It feels really good to be able to do an interview and photo shoot on my birthday. If I can hear my fans singing Soul StaR’s Happy Birthday it would be even better.

New album: Training 8 hours every day, plus 4 hours of individual dance practice, so I really wish to tell everyone, due to the long preparation time, the image we will present upon our comeback will be a very cool and handsome one.
Praises you want to hear: The long preparation isn’t a waste of time, it is worth it!

When searching “Baekhyun” online: Saw all the (forum) threads that collected pictures of me since debut, and it feels really amazing, and I saw the tear-jerking fact of me gaining more and more fats on my face.
Have you tried replying anything online?: Many people thought I am shorter than Suho and Chen, and it tempted me to reply.
Which members you will introduce to your sister?: Mature and smart, the model student and leader, Suho hyung! As for the members I won’t introduce, I’m keeping it to myself because I feel bad.
Ideal type: Kind-hearted, well-mannered, a girl who smells nice.
How to confess: Buy a fake flower and kneel in front of her, this is a fake flower (T/N: sounds like ‘i like you’ in Korean), I like you, please go on a date with me.”
If you could be a male lead in a movie: (I want to be a character who is) a boy from a rich family who met a hardworking, thrifty, smart girl, and she changed me. And I will become successful in both my career and love life.
Expose a member’s secret: Suho hyung, even if it is a small wound/injury, he would scream that it is painful for a month!
Things you wanna tell your members: Can we please live in a cleaner way/environment?
Baekhyun user manual: After we get close, I’ll talk nonstop, and don’t feel stress when that happens. You just have to cover my mouth quietly and I will know. When it’s tough I will space out, this means that I’m charging my battery, this time, DON’T TOUCH! I just need to charge for ten minutes and it’s enough.

(kor-chi trans:woo_long; Translated by: @exonyeoshidae)



Ceci June issue. D.O‘s section.

Attractive point: Clear, soothing VOCAL.
Break time: “Concentration” is written on the faces of all the members. We have always been like this. Concentrate really hard when we are supposed to concentrate, playing hard when it’s time to play. (He drew a picture of the members’ focused face)
Praises you want to hear: Ah, no wonder you are EXO! If you wish to know how hard we have practiced  once the new album is out, I believe everyone will understand.

Praise the other members: Because expectantly they are all very kind people, I only feel really grateful. Especially thankful for Suho hyung, being the handsome and cool leader, leading us well. And also thank him for not having enough humor  like me. Because if it is only me, I’d feel lonely.

Things you want to tell the members (to change): As EXO, if you feel wronged, or think that things are not right/done correctly, don’t hold it in, I hope that you all will talk it out at that moment. In order to not leave any wounds in the future.
Ideal type: Has a pretty smile, youthful, and with really fair skin.
How to confess: Location and things you say aren’t important. The most important thing is to be sincere, it’s your heart. “Can I be your boyfriend?”
Recommended proposal BGM: Jeff Bernat’s Ms Seductive, Justin Bieber’s Catching Feelings, Bruno Mars’ When I was Your Man. The melody and lyrics of these three songs are very sweet and beautiful.
Right now the thing you are anticipating the most: First place.
10 years later: My goal is a secret. The other members must be living a handsome/cool life in a -ing mode too. Also, I believe that we WILL definitely be holding our 11th anniversary concert.
Other members’ secrets: Secrets are meant to be kept.
D.O is?: Clean and neat, realizing after knowing (just shy to strangers), the closer we get (the more relaxed I get), the more excited I am (the less I speak)
D.O user manual: Prefer spending time quietly to spending it noisily/lively. I value honesty a lot. When I’m tired, a genuine “hwaiting” seems to be the thing that gets to the bottom of my heart. Ah! I’m shy with strangers. So I’ll be happy if others initiates the conversation and get closer to me first.


That’s half of them!



Ceci June Issue. Luhan’s section.

Attractive point: Chinese name means- deer of the dawn. Main vocal and dancer. Nationality- Chinese.
Thoughts on the 12 EXO members being together: The time we share every day is as interesting as that of a classroom setting. Whenever we are in the practice room, it is rowdiness x12. But when training starts, the look in our eyes changes immediately. The fiery look is also x12.
Comeback album: A style that is different from the others. Because it is a secret I wouldn’t say it now. shhhh..

Break time: Not long ago I returned to my home in China, did what an only-child should do.
Regrets when you look into the mirror: I am very satisfied with whatever my parents have given me.

Moments when I feel that I’m very manly: Anytime. Especially when I’m playing soccer, I’m manlier then.

Thoughts on your Crazy Frog nickname: That’s Tao. Only he feels that way.
To send a message to one of the members now with your telekinesis power: When the interview ends let’s go grab a cup of bubble tea!
Luhan’s Korean class, your favorite phrase recently: “Aigoo” Whenever I’m in shock, pity, worried, every time. And “Heol”.
Things you treasure: Recently I like RPG games and gaming PCs. And my bed, which only belongs to me. If only the cupboard can prevent people from getting on my bed to play.
When you are online: I will look for my photos, my mood will lighten up whenever I see the beautifully taken pictures of me by my fans. Thank you.
Proposal: At an empty street at night, I’ll bring her flowers and kiss her.
If you receive a confession: It’ll be great if she can cook me a meal, talking about ingredients, since I’m a carnivore, meat will do.
Reasons why Luhan is the perfect boyfriend: Good natured, will protect her no matter when, and of course, very handsome. Haha, joking about the last part.
Message to fans: Thank you for waiting for so long, I love you all.
Luhan user manual: When I have no more strength and when it’s tough, a little care and concern will do, just a “It must have been really tiring right? Hwaiting!” will do. And I will really gain much strength from that. Basically, I’m very shy, afraid of strangers, but once we get closer, I am really warm. Hope you guys understand.



Ceci June issue, Tao’s interview section.

Attractive points: Different from his (mature) outer appearance, the second maknae enjoys fooling around and playing (like a kid). Nationality, Chinese.
During break time: Eat, exercise, and prepare for the new album. Keep repeating and repeating and repeating these three activities.
Thoughts on coming together as 12: PERFORMANCE scale became even bigger. The power we share becomes even stronger. Because we have gathered together, practice time became twice as happy and fun. And due to this, I feel that our TEAM WORK has improved.
You tend to have many tears..: It used to be like this last time, but not now. The last time I cried was a few days ago, when I returned to China during my holiday/leave, and on the plane back to Korea, when I think of the fact that I cannot see my family and friends for a period of time in the future made me tear. Actually, this is supposed to be a secret.

If you use your TIME CONTROL power: When I see bad guys doing bad stuff, I will catch him and send him to the police, or, persuade him not to commit the crime. And when I see pretty ladies, I also hope that time will slow down. Like this, I can then keep staring at her.

The power you want most: No matter how I think, it would be TIME CONTROL.
Banmal (Informal speaking) GAME TIME: Suho ya, can you give me some rice? Ne, the main point is to say it wholeheartedly. But honestly, (Suho) hyung is really good to me. Because I like him so I want to mention him.
Ideal type: It would be good if she is pretty and kind hearted. I gain interest in girls who are not showing concern to me. Why is this so?
Reasons why Tao is the perfect boyfriend: Well mannered, sexy, good at wushu. And he is a man who is rich spiritually and economically (bankbook wise). Able to demonstrate the uniqueness of an AB-blood type bad boy. As lively and energetic as a roller coaster, and I will make your day not boring.
Tao selca secret: Take many photos (Bulk produce). You have to figure out your best angle yourself.
What is sexy to Tao: Something I’m born with.
To the sexy Tao, what are dark eye circles: Without them, I, I am not Tao anymore.
To the Tao 1 year later: All your dreams will come true. FIGHTING.
Tao user manual: I can’t make the first move. So, just come to me passionately. To become mine fully takes time. But even if so, do take up the challenge! Must!

(kor-chi trans: 海天月夜; Translated by: @exonyeoshidae )



Ceci June issue. Chen’s section.

Attractive point: main vocal, skinny pig.
Skinny pig: Because compared to how much I ate, I can’t grow as much fats and this is kind of troubling. No matter how much I eat I can’t grow fat, and when I slim down it happens so fast. But this time in order to make my face look better; I have put in some effort in gaining weight.
Break time: I was afraid that I might become lazy so I focused a lot. And because the free period is really long.
Ideal type: Really charming eyes, city girl, has a heart that is able to tolerate my willfulness.
If you were to confess: At an amusement park, I’d pretend to leave to buy drinks and suddenly appear in the parade team to give her a surprise. After that I would ask her, “Do you want to marry me?”
Anticipated reactions: Hope she will throw herself into my arms.
If you were to receive a confession: I don’t need anything, an “I love you” is enough.
If you sign up for 10 billion insurance: Insurance for my vocal chords. I want to sing for the rest of my life.

EXO’s gathering: Noisy, as if we’re in the middle of a busy street, a total mess. When each of the 12 members say just one line, the scene is grand enough.
Members’ beer tolerance level: Best one would be Xiumin hyung, then Chanyeol> Chen> Kris> Luhan. The rest of the members are on par with one another. But Lay hyung whose face turns red immediately after a glass is definitely at the bottom.
Three wishes: I am very curious about the world after death. I just want to simply take a tour to find out. If there are really aliens somewhere in this universe, please bring them to me. And I want a medicine that is able to cure all diseases.
Chen’s three main points: Blessed, thick earlobes, the mole below his neck, a very manly and loyal character.
Explain about Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen beagle issue. (T/N: Beagles are the kind of dogs who can’t calm down and are very playful): It’s a misunderstanding. Compared to Baekhyun and Chanyeol, I’m a very, very normal kid.
Skills you wish to steal from other members: Lay and Kai’s dancing abilities.
To Chen, the “not able to leave 4D” dance is?: Can’t say anything today. I will show it on stage soon.
Chen’s user manual: As long as I eat a full meal and there are tidbits in between, I’ll be full of energy. Even if you leave me alone, I’ll still complete the job well. So you don’t have to worry. I like to watch movies. Hence if you want to go out with me, then bring me to the cinema!




Charming appeal: Cutie Oldest Brother
During Resting Time: Going to a café and shopping with Luhan but also enjoying free time
Losing Fat on The Cheek Diet TIP: Look away from the food in front of you. You must absolutely not look at the food. That’s difficult but (my cheeks) will be back like a full baozi.
Good and Bad Points: The danger when I will hear informal language that come from someone who’s younger than me. The advantages, I’m not really sure. The 24 y/o boys who still growing steadily. *cough-cough*
The Dignity of Oldest Brother: If there’s a SOS situation they often came to me.
Xiumin’s Talking Habit: Gives straight answers and is a really good listener. Acts as EXO’s consultant whenever they face problems and helps them earnestly. Best advice is “No Comment”.
Xiumin’s Chinese Class: “I’m sorry, I can’t do it”. Because keeping his lips closed is the role of the consultant.
Xiumin’s Recent Interest: He received comic books one year ago as a gift and still reads it.
Xiumin’s 3 Charming Points: Lonely Man, Chic Man, but to other people a Gentle Man. Basically, Charming Person.

The Reasons Why Xiumin is a Good Boyfriend: I’m strong, Have a good sense, I’m caring. The example of my strength, I beat all of my members in arm wrestling
The Pride of Receiving Award in China: At Chinese Annual Music Awards recently, we received the award for “Most Popular Group”. Cant expressed with word, literally The Best! Oh,Yeah! We are grateful for the fans who gave us such a big award. And also, we are thankful to EXO’s parents who bore handsome sons. Xie Xie
To The Award That Will Receives 1 Year Later: “Success of Changing Image Award”. Right now, by becoming mature and sexy man.
Proposal: At a concert hall filled with people he will tell her “We are ONE, I won’t leave you I love you”
Shopping Method: Impulse shopping is really the best.
Xiumin User Manual: It’s simple. If you keep a clean and healthy environment surrounding you will always have “happy smile”. I’m actually a little neat.

(Cre pic: trust仰望; Eng-trans: ohdultxoxo)



Ceci June Issue. Lay’s section.

Attractive point: Warm guy, healing boy. Nationality- Chinese
Praises you want to hear: This is my first time attempting a blonde/ yellow hairstyle. So I’m half anticipating and half worried about what people will say about whether it suits me.
Break time: For myself, it would be composing songs and writing lyrics. Improving on what I’m weak in after attending lessons. And of course, this time my songs weren’t chosen for this album. In order to be able to show my perfect side, I wish to work hard so that everyone can listen to my composition.
Regarding Lay’s composition: Started composing for fun since 13 years old. Out of the members, Baekhyun and Luhan love my ballads the most, they are my support team.
Kris is my assistant in the editing process of my composition. So here I am, saying thank you to you guys.
To Lay, composing is: I feel that the most important thing is the heartfelt intentions between people. I belong to the sentimental/emotional type, I get my inspiration from the the details you miss in a short experience, the family members whom I love, friends, and the emotions I get from my five senses, and when I am playing the piano.

Musicians you respect and admire: Determined Beethoven and exceptionally talented music genius Mozart.
Area in which you are better than them?: I’m better at dancing, compared to them.
SM seniors: They always encourage us, giving us detailed tips in aspects like live performances, choreography, or camera works. They are all angels.
Secret skill people don’t know: Ability to joke around. It’s such a pity people don’t know my comedic skills.
Dance machine’s waist status: Thanks to everyone, it’s a lot better now. I can only say thank you.
Things you treasure: You can’t really say things, but rather, humans, people. Because of the fans, there’s the present me. I definitely have to treasure and cherish them.
Confession: “I will make you the most blissful woman on earth. Trust me.”
Reasons why Lay is the perfect boyfriend: I can give my all and love only one woman wholeheartedly, I can do anything for her, I can give her warm hugs.
3 things you anticipate from ‘her’: Call her little piggy, and not feel sad about it. And I will face her cutely; she will only love me, understands me, and does aegyo to me occasionally.
Lay’s aegyo: zero, I’m very manly.
To Asian fans: Thank you for caring about me no matter where you are, may you guys be healthy and happy.
Lay’s user manual: No coke and soda and I won’t eat. But you still have to say you love me, ‘kay? And hug me warmly and I’ll become better.

(kor-chi trans: CHERE_MAMIE_for_Lay; Translated by: @exonyeoshidae)

kris! :D

kris! :D


Ceci June issue. Interview with Kris.

Attractive points: Though he appears to be smart, he is actually a bit blur. Though he appears to be very cold and distant in a glance, he is actually very passionate and fiery on the inside. A very handsome man. Nationality: Chinese.
Break time: Went back to Canada to meet my family and friends. I want to try parachuting or play in the seas for a whole day. I want to become more ACTIVE. Because I like travelling, so once I have the time I will start planning.
To boast about IDOL life: Though countless, but being able to travel to many countries (to perform) is one of the many blessings I’ve received.
New hairstyle: Because it is the comeback album, I wanted to be bold and hence went through the image transformation. The good thing about this new hairstyle is that now I take a shorter time to style my hair. The negative point is that I cannot try different concepts/styles. Feel like crying about the latter.

Recently concerned about?: Hairstyle, cap, “electronic music”
Items I love: Fan letters anytime.
Certified fan of dramas: There was a period of time whereby I was deeply immersed in the drama: The Innocent Man/ Nice Guy. I felt like I was the male lead Kang Maru (T/N: PLAYED BY SONGJOONGKI~~). Solid plot and the acting was really great.
Three important things in a love relationship: Love, love, love.
How to confess: I like you, what do I do?
Expected reaction: O_O, ^-^, ^O^, .
Self-promote/ ego time: Fluent Chinese, English and Korean. Because of the many overseas schedule, this is quite important.
Praising the other members: SUHO is a handsome kid who always manages to do everything well. Baekhyun is good at hyping up the atmosphere. Kai is good at dancing, Chen is good at singing. Tao is very good at understanding the hyungs’ hearts, Xiumin likes to help people, D.O likes to take care of the members so I’m very thankful for that. Also grateful towards Lay who is good at cooking, Luhan who is good at soccer but I’m in charge of basketball and that’s enough so I’m thankful as well. And also thanks to Sehun who is doing the job of a maknae well. Oh and Chanyeol, thanks for your fried chicken.

People you wish to correct/change: Nothing. Because I’m kind so I’ll observe for a while more. I love everyone.
To fans: Thank you for waiting for me, supporting me. I will repay you guys with a good album.
Kris user manual: To eat enough, and sleep enough. Maybe many people don’t know, there exist a certain amount of cuteness. And as long as he is loved, he is a kind hearted man who will give back with love that is twice of the amount.

(kor-chi trans: 海天月夜 Translated by: @exonyeoshidae)

Keeuut ~ !


Sayonara “MAMA”, Hello “XOXO”!!




– Rue

To the flower boys who posed as thugs – at least you tried.
Next post about these boys ’bout this mag is their INTERVIEWS!)

If I hadn’t known better, I would have thought of Lay as a ballerina!
Erm. Luhan, Do you think this makes you look manly enough?
Sehun, are you eating enough? Let the hyungs pay for the billls!
Chen looking tough and almost badboy. I swear I’ve seen it all!
I think I’m imagining things. Kai with an invisible electric guitar?
D.O, I dream for that too. Maybe in the future. World Peace, Yeah!
Ayo Chanyeol, I haven’t seen Krease around, where is he hiding?
Suho, points – to the Maknae that should take care of himself more!


cr: to the rightful owner

Bad Boys on the block
New but old baozi on pic
He’s getting slimmer! ^^

ceci exoness

Where are the others?

They’re laughing
I dare you caption this.
These trolling derps! :D


Is there an HD one?
I think I want the magazine … :|]

Oh, they’re all here, almost!
Cause, maknae’s missing
Early lunch break, maybe?
Or the one behind the camera? .)



They all look serious here.
It’s like they’re all prof models

Kris, though, looks and acts like a true blue model
(ever since happy camp ramp talent).
Not to mention airport fashion shows
Baekhyun is killing it! Just look at those eyes and lips
(so tiny and so thin).
Chen looks like a different person than his usual
smiley-faced disposition


Black and White images has its charms all right.

Not enough? Don’t fret here’s some more:




– Rue

edited version i guess? it's kinda crooked on the right side

edited version i guess? it’s kinda crooked on the right side

Here’s another proof why fans are genius! or maybe creative is the proper word?


EXO takes 426 days for a comeback =
4 = 4 Chinese in EXO M
2 = 2 Korean in EXO M
6 = 6 member in EXO K & EXO M

426 days (4+2+6=12). EXO debut at 8/4 (8+4=12). Release teaser at 16/5 (1+6+5=12). Their comeback will be on 25/5? (2+5+5=12)

Where do they get these crazy equations? (Credit to: Admin Luhunnie; Brittany)

Aside from those crazy equations, I found a fanmade video (unofficial, in other words) and I thought it’d be worth the post.

On a funny note, some fans seem to find the REAL meanings of Exo-k and Exo-m which are:
exo-Kids.jpg and exo-matureHahaha!
I think this inside joke have been going on for quite a while and I had no idea about it. It turns out that this pic are not the only “proof”. It actually made sense since the members of exo-m are older and with Kris as their leader, there is already a big difference on how they run things around. :D Exo-k are the fun-loving and more cheerful side of the group since most of them are young and considering the Maknae is there, not to mention BaekYeol, no doubt peace and quiet moments are incredibly rare.

Can i pinch these guys? They are so adorable it hurts to look. Whoever judge these bunch of trolls /’flower-boys’ only by their faces do not truly know the derps they are or how crazy they can be.

Behind those pretty faces and sexy stares or smoldering looks they give while looking at the camera, they are pretty much like us. They have secrets they want hidden and soft sides they rarely show or even try not to, though sometimes they let their guards down in front of the fans who support and love them through and through. What a great way to show their appreciation by letting us see the real them and not just a pretty face with memorized lines and script constructed by their company to be a perfect idol.

It seemed like a very long time since I’ve known them but it’s only just a few months, still not a year knowing them, but every time I see their faces online or during performance, it’s like greeting old friends. Old friends who smile at you with affection knowing you will always be there when they need you.




– Rue

Let the beast out!

Let the beast out!


THE FIRST CODE: Lone Wolf 1988

In the movie ‘Lone Wolf’ (1988) written by Brian J. Wright, the plot circled rock band members who performed in various places. On every full-moon night, a mysterious murder occurred. The true murderer was the werewolf

[Favorite Thing] Tao: Car
One scene in Lone Wolf movie, a member of the rock band ran away from the werewolf. However, he tried and wasted his time to unlock his car. Eventually, he was killed.

A heavy metal band was named Wolf 88 Kozak

EXO’s teaser was released on 16/05 If the date was brought back to the year 1988
1+6+5+1+9+8+8 =3+8=11 a missing member from EXO
Since in SM calender, the date 06/06 this year was also highlighted, if the MV was released on that date
The year: 2+0+1+3=6 thus became 666 Satan in which SM was excused for involving in illuminati in other music videos.
Bring 06/06 to 1988
6+6+1+9+8+8=11 a missing member from EXO
In 1988, Michael Jackson performed the song ‘Man in the Mirror’ in Grammy’s Award

THE THIRD CODE: Michael Jackson
[Favorite Thing] Kai: Michael Jackson’s Album
In one of his most famous single: Thriller, Michael Jackson turned into a werewolf in the presence of the full moon while he confessed to a lady.
In Let Out the Beast shooting’s leak, Kai’s neck painted ‘Let Out the Beast’ or release the wild creature out

In Chinese, 88 can be used a slang meaning ‘Bye Bye’
88 means Hail Hitler [HH=88], the Nazi Dictator (The irony if this is true, since there is a video about Hitler’s reaction to exo’s wolf!)
88 also means the two parallel universes that move in different direction. This coincide with EXO concepts of the two worlds.

THE FIFTH CODE: The intentional misspelling of Luhan’s Nickname
Luhan has the nickname of Xiao Lu, 小鹿, or the little deer
However, in the teaser, it was written as ‘Xia Lu’
The word ‘Xia’ as pinyin can mean “吓” meaning frightened/scared and
“瞎” meaning to be blind
If we combined the two characters, Luhan’s nickname means the scared Lu and the blind Lu.
In EXO’s teaser, Luhan’s eyes were closed. He was also the only one wearing white snap-back, where white represents the innocent victim.

[cr: talala]
SOME FANS ARE JUST DAMN GENIUS !  I would have never, in a thousand days been able to put this together. Ever. Maybe just leave it to others! Or maybe some people just think too much. No worries, it’ll all be revealed soon! :D

If up there comes true, there may be some truth to this!

There may just be truth to this you guys! Ha-ha

What if.. What if..
So many thoughts about exo and so many spazzing fans right now, I bet they can’t even sleep (like me) !

The roller-coaster ride of the fan-dom has finally stopped (rest is a good word) and parked (for a while) thanks to the comeback, though leaving the people in it dazed and confused and well … high for more! ha-ha

I don’t really get it how people come up with thoughts like that up there but that is so cool! Given the time, I would really like to do a research too but it just isn’t right for me though, I tend to over think things and such ideas become incredible by the minute especially if there’s no one to rein me in.
But I’ve seen some of the fans’ prediction and suggestions come true even by coincidence (or maybe not coincidence at all). Be it a nickname, a sign or sometimes fan service, these idols sure know how to look /search for what THEY NEED and what WE WANT (just like in Exo’s History, “I need you and You want me”)

Naturally SM would release some of this, so fans come craving for more.
“Unseen” is a very good seduction to reel us in!
CLICK on the pics below to see them better :))

In a few hours it would start! Another teaser era awaits! Only that, this time it would be in a shorter span of time

Would it kill SME to have their comeback earlier! I mean it’s all good and that, but it’s nearly the start of class and I need my time! EXO will be the death of me!




– Rue