Fan Art, Drawings and Stuff About EXO (again) !

Posted: February 24, 2013 in Anime, Art, Baekhyun, D.O, EXO, Luhan, Tao
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I’m not satisfied with just collecting and storing these on my laptop. I know I got them for a reason and I still don’t know what they are for. But before I find that out,

I just gotta dedicate this post to those artists out there who keep making these fantastic and awesome artworks. I’m saying this not only because I like the subjects in those drawings but also because of the talent, skill and time they have allotted to create these things.

(Not all exo members have some fanart or drawing here, I have only some of them)

This is Luhan for you. 

The Little deer is quite a favorite subject among the fans who make these fan arts.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 Here’s the D___O-nut :D
Click on the images for a better view!


And for the finishing touch, Exo as a group: I suggest you click on them to see better!

The next time I post some of Exo fanart, I’ll get to share tons of chibi fan arts I’ve been hiding for quite some time now. I guess this has been the result of my inclination to anime, manga and K-pop altogether :D

Credits: To all the owners of these drawings/artworks.





  1. layla says:

    can all you beautiful artists come together and create a manga with EXO. Maybe take ideas from their music videos like MAMA or wolf and growl, or even just their story of 12 different AMAZING GUYS coming together to form a band or something. I feel like they would be awesome characters.

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