EXO on Variety Shows – Hello Baby

Posted: August 15, 2013 in Art, EXO, Exo cracks, Funny, Occassion
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“EXO on Variety Shows

Happy Camp : ✔
Weekly Idol : ✔
Star King : ✔
Hello Counselor : ✔
Running Man : Loading…
Hello Baby : Loading…
We Got Married : Error 404 Not Found.”

cr: gokpopparadise 

exo oo

They’re still babies themselves!

And if ever the loading in the Hello Baby were to finally finish, here’s what the fans have been thinking what will happen during the time they’re ‘trying’ to take care of the baby. =D This is purely fiction and not in any way real, and this fan-imagine is someone else’s. Credit to the rightful owner.

EXO with a baby.

Kris: What is it and why is it looking at me?

Baekhyun: Awww, Chanyeol, she has your wonky eye!

Luhan: I don’t care if he’s a boy, i’m putting him in a frilly dress.

Lay: Can someone turn it off, it wont stop crying.

Xiumin: Can babies eat dumplings or anything at all?

D.O: Umma will take wonderful care of you, beautiful bundle of joy.

Chanyeol: It threw up on me.

Suho: How do you change a diaper.

Kai: Get it away from me.

Chen: I’ll sing you to sleep, little one.

Tao: It’s skin is so soft.

Sehun: Help!



— Rue


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