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EXO, transformed into wolf-boys.. Comeback stage at ‘M! Countdown! on the 30th of May.

EXO’s company SM Entertainment has revealed that they are planning to release a teaser video on the 23rd (which is today) showing EXO’s new appearance through SM Town’s homepage, EXO-K and EXO-M’s YouTube channel, Facebook, Naver portal site, EXO’s official NHN Line, Kakao Talk’s EXO Plus Friend, MelOn, Genie, Naver Music, etc.

960212_490773807663270_845346643_n Their title song ‘The Wolf and the Beauty (Wolf)’ is a dance track with a collaboration of dubstep and hip hop, and has a wild and powerful beat and sound. It has a detailed story telling reminiscence of a tale and witty lyrics which gives it a unique charm.

EXO is preparing a dynamic and extraordinary performance that is reminiscent of a musical with their powerful music, and they are determined to fascinate the music fans with their charismatic stage. (Source : Naver; Translated by Yixing_s @ SMent_EXO)


I can imagine the fangulls — Trembling. Crying. Spazzing. And maybe, Laughing!  Cause that’s me!

Excitement doesn’t necessarily come to me as hyperventilating and fits. It comes as laughter. The more excited I am, the more I laugh.

I know it’s ‘wolf’, but in some parts of the music video I can see vampires lurking around. It’s crazy! I think I’m seeing more Edward Cullen than Jacob Black!


It was worth the wait!
It’s a new stage alright. Definitely more powerful and fiercer!

Wolf” will feature musical elements from the dubstep and hip hop genres, resulting in an end product of a wild and remarkable sound. The group is due to perform on Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 30th, KBS2’s Music Bank on the 31st, MBC’s Show! Music Core on the 1st, and SBS’s Inkigayo on the 2nd. In addition, the tracklist to the new album was also released. Although previously announced to feature 12 tracks, the names of those songs are now available. Some titles include “Wolf,” the title track, “Black Pearl,” “Heart Attack,” and “Peter Pan.”

“XOXO” will be released on June 3rd.

Via: EXO Canada

The fandom strikes again! Brace yourselves. It has started! RLAB moments!


It became a hunting ground.

Captain Jack Sparrow must be furious! His ship was taken over by aliens.

Captain Jack Sparrow must be furious!
His ship was taken over by aliens!

Did you see that fierce Lu Han and Duizhang growling through your screen? YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT! It was undeniably an epic moment!

I could not resist the urge to take snapshots!
Can I just say that LU HAN freakishly looked like KIM JAE JOONG when he growled in that teaser video! Deym!
(Click on pics for better view)



Kris: ferocious wolf
Suho: ferocious wolf
Kai: ferocious wolf
Luhan: ferocious wolf
Lay: ferocious wolf
Tao: ferocious wolf
Xiumin: ferocious wolf
Chen: ferocious wolf
Sehun: ferocious wolf
Chanyeol: ferocious wolf
D.O.: ferocious wol

Baekhyun: disdainful ghetto poodle

Source: mandarinorangesunset



— Rue

Let the beast out!

Let the beast out!


THE FIRST CODE: Lone Wolf 1988

In the movie ‘Lone Wolf’ (1988) written by Brian J. Wright, the plot circled rock band members who performed in various places. On every full-moon night, a mysterious murder occurred. The true murderer was the werewolf

[Favorite Thing] Tao: Car
One scene in Lone Wolf movie, a member of the rock band ran away from the werewolf. However, he tried and wasted his time to unlock his car. Eventually, he was killed.

A heavy metal band was named Wolf 88 Kozak

EXO’s teaser was released on 16/05 If the date was brought back to the year 1988
1+6+5+1+9+8+8 =3+8=11 a missing member from EXO
Since in SM calender, the date 06/06 this year was also highlighted, if the MV was released on that date
The year: 2+0+1+3=6 thus became 666 Satan in which SM was excused for involving in illuminati in other music videos.
Bring 06/06 to 1988
6+6+1+9+8+8=11 a missing member from EXO
In 1988, Michael Jackson performed the song ‘Man in the Mirror’ in Grammy’s Award

THE THIRD CODE: Michael Jackson
[Favorite Thing] Kai: Michael Jackson’s Album
In one of his most famous single: Thriller, Michael Jackson turned into a werewolf in the presence of the full moon while he confessed to a lady.
In Let Out the Beast shooting’s leak, Kai’s neck painted ‘Let Out the Beast’ or release the wild creature out

In Chinese, 88 can be used a slang meaning ‘Bye Bye’
88 means Hail Hitler [HH=88], the Nazi Dictator (The irony if this is true, since there is a video about Hitler’s reaction to exo’s wolf!)
88 also means the two parallel universes that move in different direction. This coincide with EXO concepts of the two worlds.

THE FIFTH CODE: The intentional misspelling of Luhan’s Nickname
Luhan has the nickname of Xiao Lu, 小鹿, or the little deer
However, in the teaser, it was written as ‘Xia Lu’
The word ‘Xia’ as pinyin can mean “吓” meaning frightened/scared and
“瞎” meaning to be blind
If we combined the two characters, Luhan’s nickname means the scared Lu and the blind Lu.
In EXO’s teaser, Luhan’s eyes were closed. He was also the only one wearing white snap-back, where white represents the innocent victim.

[cr: talala]
SOME FANS ARE JUST DAMN GENIUS !  I would have never, in a thousand days been able to put this together. Ever. Maybe just leave it to others! Or maybe some people just think too much. No worries, it’ll all be revealed soon! :D

If up there comes true, there may be some truth to this!

There may just be truth to this you guys! Ha-ha

What if.. What if..
So many thoughts about exo and so many spazzing fans right now, I bet they can’t even sleep (like me) !

The roller-coaster ride of the fan-dom has finally stopped (rest is a good word) and parked (for a while) thanks to the comeback, though leaving the people in it dazed and confused and well … high for more! ha-ha

I don’t really get it how people come up with thoughts like that up there but that is so cool! Given the time, I would really like to do a research too but it just isn’t right for me though, I tend to over think things and such ideas become incredible by the minute especially if there’s no one to rein me in.
But I’ve seen some of the fans’ prediction and suggestions come true even by coincidence (or maybe not coincidence at all). Be it a nickname, a sign or sometimes fan service, these idols sure know how to look /search for what THEY NEED and what WE WANT (just like in Exo’s History, “I need you and You want me”)

Naturally SM would release some of this, so fans come craving for more.
“Unseen” is a very good seduction to reel us in!
CLICK on the pics below to see them better :))

In a few hours it would start! Another teaser era awaits! Only that, this time it would be in a shorter span of time

Would it kill SME to have their comeback earlier! I mean it’s all good and that, but it’s nearly the start of class and I need my time! EXO will be the death of me!




— Rue

exo xoxo album

Hugs and Kisses for the warm welcome!

Goodbye ‘EXO at sm building & EXO leave sm building’ !
Hello ‘EXO arrived at kbs/mbc/mnet/sbs building & EXO leave kbs/mbc/mnet/sbs buidling’! (chinaline)

Apart from the fact that they are really having the comeback, a new definition of RLAB has come to light: ROLL LIKE A BEN BEN!
I never knew that Kris‘ nickname is/was ben-ben! It was somewhat hilarious to me, I dunno why! :D



— Rue

“While Girls’ Generation already got their boy,

SHINee is still dreaming of their girl

and EXO is still with their MAMA.”

via: exoglobal.

Ring a Bell? Hit a nerve? So True XD!

Here’s GG. “I got a Boy”

snsd i got a boy picture






EXO on the other hand?


Just hoping it won’t come to this :D

And for all we know maybe they are just busy taking care of  all these sons of Kris while he’s away in Canada ;)

These guys are growing in number by the minute/by the month. Is kris building some kind of orphanage house and adopting these cute little monsters!? Kidding. Too far fetched! 


Getting restless because of EXO’s absence. 

Watashi wa mada matte iru

(the last word kinda sounds like rue :D but with much noticeable stress when pronounced)



– Rue