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exo art - minion university

I have been patiently waiting for the release of the dance version of Growl and it seems that my wait was just all for naught. It’s finally out, and so is the second version of the mv! Although the dance practice version has been out in the public for quite some time now, I never had the opportunity or the desire to watch it because it I thought it would spoil the MV. It turns out that I have been anticipating a different one from the Official MV but watching it now, it looks exactly the same (the choreography) and the only consolation was the interesting endings in the two versions.

In the Korean version of Growl Dance Only, we saw how Kai in just 3 seconds managed to transform into Jong-in. Aren’t he cute? And I discovered one more thing about our dancing machine, according to Baekhyun during the time they were in Yoo In Na’s Volume up, Kai is a little cold and known to be straightforward/frank in saying his thoughts, and I imagine him being the one admonishing his co-members and demonstrating how the moves were properly done (aside from their sunbaes and the choreographer).

Another instance where kai turns to jongin

Another instance where kai turns to jongin

And then there’s Luhan, who is forever saying he is manly (which we will tackle later), with his sexy pose at the end and the cameraman saw fit to tease him, resulting into I imagine a very shy Luhan in the practice room! Did that make sense? I think the cameraman did that not for the fans but to tease Luhan, but in the fans eyes –Luhan was the teaser and he did it through cameraman-ssi. =D Bianhe Lulu.

As this video and song focuses on the routine/dance, our attention would naturally focus on those who dance well, and the ones who were never really into dancing. To see if [the amazing dancers] still had it in them and if the other ones were improving.

Exo is way too much fun and that’s one of the many reasons I could not bear to leave them, even if this fandom has the 1:2 chance of being named as Exorcist (see their interview on Yoo In Na’s Volume Up where they contemplate possible names for the fandom =D).

I have noticed different things every time I watch them perform or dance ‘Growl’ for the nth time. One is Kris, hwah [!] his legs are really long as in long-long, and his dancing has improved a lot. There are some steps or movements that he missed out on but with legs that long, I would have a hard time making use of them too (for dancing of course, what else did you think =D). Second is Tao, I never noticed this before but the routine suited him well and he gave an awesome performance! Kungfu Panda and Peacock ge is slowly being forgotten and here comes a AB style Tao. And did anyone not notice the maknae Sehun? That kid is getting taller and looking like his Luhan-hyung every time I see him. He is a great dancer himself, though I can’t say much for his singing because I rarely hear him sing! But he compensates for it with his rap. That is why I really appreciated him when they performed SHINee’s ‘Why So Serious’, he did justice on the dance and his rap is awesome. Some even said that he got more lines on that performance alone than the rest of the songs on their new album put together.

What can I say for Lay? Hmmm. It has been obvious from the start that he is a boy of many talents but he is still amazing in every dance performance and if I may add, SEXY, especially with the way he sways those hips and how he bites his lips when dancing.

Suho has given it all away. I am not going to explain further and let you just think about that for yourself.suho - growl

Aside from dancing, they have gotten so good in singing! Or MAYBE they were finally getting comfortable with performing for a lot of people and it have been since they started singing that they were deemed good. Especially those times when they sing with falsetto, and I know being a choir member once myself that it is quite hard to maintain especially if it’s a boy singing.

I probably say this a lot and because it never gets old but I get goose bumps when I hear them sing that way (with falsetto), and sometimes I even held my breath and never notice it I’m doing it until the time I exhaled – breathing out with relief that their voice never cracked or wavered on the notes.

Here are some of those times that EXO members [especially Baekhyun, D.O, and Chen since they are the main vocals] have made fans swoon with their singing.

And if you aren’t a fan of exo and just happen to be reading this post, I sincerely hope you listen to some of these songs and just enjoy the music. In the end, there’s no harm in listening to music, is there? =)) Music as they say can be a universal language, you may not understand the full message of the song but you can I doubt if you can’t feel the emotions expressed by the one singing.


Peter Pan + Don’t Go + 365+ Baby + My Lady

D.O sang a little bit of the Peter Pan and as usual I am still in awe at how he can be good in pronouncing English words. He might just be the next one to learn a second language in the group! Then there’s funny moment when Chanyeol tried to pronounce ‘Cinderella’ (tried being the operative word here =D) and D.O corrected him. He was so impressed! While Baekhyun did a good job! Cheopta! 365 – Chanyel sang this his part in this song. Lay sang the Chinese version of Baby. It looks like he really liked this song and has been eagerly waiting for his turn to sing. Oh, and Chen and D.O. also sang the English part in the intro of My Lady.

Duet of Ryeowook and Baekhyun

What can I say? Baekhyun has such a wonderful soothing voice, he is excellent when it comes to high notes much like Chen and has such accurate control on his pitch and melody,  and Ryeowook has always been amazing in singing.  The song tugs at my heart. I wish it has an English version. Lol

Duet of Baekhyun and Chen

Aside from these two vocals singing the song as easy as breathing for them, there’s Chanyeol beside Chen who seems to be doing some kind of interpretative performance of the song. It was distracting especially when Chen was playing along with him at one point too. As expected from the cheerleader of exo – happy virus.

Lonely Night by Chanyeol

Chanyeol is undoubtedly an amazing rapper.

Sunday Morning by D.O, Chen, and Ryeowook

After hearing them sing this song when this video was first uploaded it stayed in my head for days! I unconsciously sing this when I’m in the shower, when eating or when in class. It’s funny when I think about it now but I recall being told off by one of my friends that I have to stop singing that song or I’d probably be dead and still be singing it. I never even knew this song existed, haha! It’s my first time hearing it and it was only a cover.


Chen – Please Love the Girl

D.O and Bekhyun – Mini Live (A bit singing)

It’s not that I did not like their other live performances but I appreciated this one the best during this radio guesting. When D.O sang, it seems that Baekhyun was trying to sabotage him (LOL), or probably not, when Baekhyun suddenly interfered and said ‘kkeut’. He probably thought D.O was already finished while D.O was only trying to find the right rhythm.

When Baekhyun sang … Woah! His vocals were amazing! You can just watch it and share this feeling of awe with me : )


Peter Pan | Love Song Live – Baekhyun and Chanyeol |I Miss you – Chen

As it is in the title of this post, there’s being ‘manly’ mentioned and whenever that subject is brought up time and time ever since Exo’s debut, I cannot help but think of that particular member who tries his hardest so people would take him seriously and stop calling him cute. But hey, who’s counting right? He’s name even appeared on allkpop on an article regarding idols who look different but actually are in the same age. And Luhan, yes it’s him (again), was even paired with 2pm’s Chansung who looked mature and manly compared to baby-faced Luhan but they are actually born in the same year!

luhan blond waves

This exo member leaves his cute and baby faced expressions [somewhere] in exchange for his charismatic aura on stage whenever he performs. BUT, Try as he might in showing a cool performance he reverts back to his childlike stance after a moment and reveals the natural cuteness that cannot be helped even by him. He is our very own fake maknae.

luhan - childlike lu head danceluhan - byebyee

Not to mention his helium craze during their visit in China:

luhan heliumluhan helium 2

And you know what’s worse? He seems to have taken a liking to A-pink! Not worse-worse because I’m jealous as a fan, but worse because now he won’t be able to thoroughly shake off this image of him being a cutie pie. In a Younha’s Starry Night, Exo were asked to choose between Girls Day and A-pink and Xiao Lu was one of those who chose the latter and he reasoned out that it was because he liked the group’s songs for its bright and bubbly quality.

cute luhan dances apink no no no

And that’s it. Sorry to crush your dreams of being manly but it seems that you will follow your sunbae’s footsteps, specifically Key of SHINee, being the diva and dance expert of girl groups [and I thought it would be Baekhyun for sure]. =D
Kidding! Jiayou Lulu! Even though it’s like that, keep trying!

Speaking of their second visit to Weekly Idol –it was really good. They were getting the hang of doing variety shows and holding up their own. During the last one, Luhan wasn’t given the full shot but this time it was Kris who weren’t featured much.
They did aegyos, girl group dances, dance king contest and Kris wasn’t in any of them. On the other side Luhan was made sure that he got a lot of shots!

Watch out for Tao’s almost failed demonstration of nun chuck, D.O’s ranking of their visuals, Baekhyun’s ranking revenge to D.O and Chen, EXO members bowing to their fans, Luhan hitting Sehun and Kai (SeKaiLu again!), Chanyeol and Chen’s dancing machine status!

There’s the girl group dances too with Suho as the lead, the dance battle to watch out —Lay was jaw-droopingly sexy, and the aegyo! I thought there was no one cuter than Minseok but it turns out Baekhyun has a lot of aegyo too! I died at his aegyo –died laughing!